23 November 2007

Increase Your Traffic With Blogrush

Recently, I heard a lot from my blogger friends about ways to increase your blog traffic, ways to attract your reader and ways to promote your blog. I was curious with the word "traffic". Does it mean the traffic on the road that we usually see?

Road traffic...???


After reading some articles about the term :blog traffic, my mind is as clear as the clear, blue sky. The traffic that they mean is the amount of readers that visit your blog in a day, a week, a month, a year or a century! Lol... it's readers, not vehicles. Ok. I get it. *Slap my face for being so ridiculous before*

You can try sitemeter to track your visitor. I love using it.
Oops.. I am tracking you guys all the time. Be careful.. haha..

I think most of us love to be surrounded with nice, lovely readers who will give sincere comment to every post that you've blogged. I confess, I am. I like getting attention from others about what I write and what I am thinking of and then, share thoughts together. And of course, making friends in the blogosphere.

Just imagine, your boss or your mother have scolded you for some unreasonable reasons and have pissed you off. You feel angry and need someone to talk with but unfortunately, your siblings are in oversea, your best friend is dating with her boyfriend, your cat has been disappearing for a week and your teddy bear is still in the washing machine. There's no one to lend you a shoulder.

So, who should you find?

Where should you voice out your anger without harming others? One simple answer: Your blog. Using your blog, there are other blogger friend who will be around, read your post, understand your problem and give advices. They are supportive and lovely people (I mean most of them).

Blogging is so much fun when there are friends around. Life is even greater when there are chances to meet more people around the globe with difference belief, cultures, view and etc. That's why I am trying Blogrush (in which the widget will show up soon..hopefully) and give it a try to see how effective it is. I've been seeing Apple and Johnny using this for months. How is it guys? Nice?

Somehow, if it's not working for my blog, it will be fine since I've you guys who always give me supports and useful advice. For example dalicia, wendy, perfectwound, sameera, preetilata, johnny, paul, apple, keshi, lynnx, princess eileen, lemonade and drama diva.

Thank you guys and I LOVE YOU!!!!

This is how we linked up and share love together. Cool!!!

You guys are rock!