26 November 2007

I Need More Customerssss!!!!

Take a break. Throw away your Monday blue with Shakira's song. ^^

I've been working for 5 days but sad to say that, I didn't manage to sell any garment in the shop. Sigh.... I think I will be fired soon.

Honestly, I've done my best. The problem is because the number of customer who enter the shop is too tiny... (small). Sigh... I can't blame the shopping mall because it's too new. Let me ask you. Have you heard about The Gardens? No? Yes?

Midvalley Mall

Well, it's just beside the Midvalley. They are connected. I think there are still a number of people who never realise the mall. Ok. Now you know the place. You can start shopping there. Who know? You might be my customer? HAha.... I do hope so. But I won't be long working in the place.

The second problem is because of the price. Most of my customers who entered the shop were stunned once they read the price tag. You should know why when I say those garments are designed by our local fashion designers. Anyway, those clothes are beautiful and gorgeous. How I wish I can buy them. Eerrr.....

If you're interested to know the place that I am working now, I will blog about it soon. So, let it be a mystery for now. hehe... So naughty... ;D

Oopss... It's 1.00am now. I should sleep now. I need to work for tomorrow. So, please pray for me. I NEED CUSTOMERSSSS!!!

Mali mali....
Come come...
Lai lai....
(Mean Welcome)

But this is too much. Too crowded. Just like Malaysia night market (pasar malam)

Wish me luck!