14 November 2007

Shall The Women Pick Up the Bill? Part-2

Can you believe that.... I am totally free now!
Yes! I mean F-R-E-E!!!
Is there anything better than having the 100% freedom?

I've finished my last paper this morning and have just finished packing my stuff and preparing to go back to Penang, my hometown. My journey to the North will start in some hours later. I heard from mum that we will start traveling at 6am sharp. 6am... in the morning? Gosh! That's early. Awwh.... Did I say I've the 100% freedom?

As I was scrolling down my site and have a look posts that I'd posted, sad to see that there are only 7 guests who joined my book. *sob*.... Anyway, thank Apple, Edward, D (you know who you're) , Drama Diva, X, Chingy and YY for participating. Lol.. *Thank*..
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Well, I did notice my poll too which I've posted it in 'Shall The Women Pay The Bill?' (here). Thank God! I get a good responses from you guys. Thank! Let me see... majority agreed that woman should SOMETIMES pay the bill during date. To be frank, I gave a vote to this too. Haha...

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I believe, a relationship wouldn't last if both couples are not willing to pay full commitment on it. The commitment here means everything starting from emotional support, money, time and etc.

Traditionally, guys are responsible to take care of his love one including footing every bills that comes. Just like a princess I should say......

STOP acting like a princess in todays world. Stop dreaming girls (Accept: if you've got a rich, loving guy who will pamper you with everything you want!!! Where? I want too!!!). In fact, girls should share the bills too like what other bloggers wrote it here before. Let's pick some comments from my egg box.

Drama Diva wrote :
"By right, the person who asks the other one out on the first date should be the one to pay. But I'm a truly old fashioned girl, so I think the guy should always pay, first date, second date, or even after the one hundred and ninth date.... hihihi"

Honestly, I agree with drama diva too since I am an old fashioned girl. I like man who will pay for me, a way to show their love being gentleman. Of course, I will not make a hole on his wallet. Instead, I will try to reduce his burden by choosing an affordable restaurant and make less shopping.

I love this answer from Tracy which sounds similar to Drama Diva.

"I say "Sometimes"... I think that when you are young and not seriously dating then the female should try to pay her half. If the male really likes her and it's getting romantic, I think it is nice and old fashioned for the male to offer to pay."

That's what I really want. If a guy is really serious in a relationship, he will be wiling to pay for her crush. This is one of a proof to show his commitment. I mean.. true. If he is not willing to pay for small bills, how sure you're he will take care of you in the future... after marriage? Or when the relationship get more serious?

"Well I don't think there are many men who will allow girls to pay the bill. It's their ego to "pamper" the girls :) "

Before commenting about Cherry's comment, lets look at this. This is one of the surprising comment I've received, yet it's sound true.

X typed:
"It depends on the situation and occasion. But if a guy wants to impress the girl with his wallet, let him do it la. Usually a guy would want to do that to the girl he is trying to woo, it is like the saying the sweet part comes first after he got her, maybe he is going to make her pay ..wukakakakaka"

What do you think, Cherry about X's comment? How about you guys? Agree? Haha.. I agreed with Cherry that man's ego is high and he won't let his girl friend to pay for the day. What if it happens for long-term? Will your guy still willing to pay for you after marriage? I agree with Mr.X too. My mum pays sometimes for meals and other stuff after marriage. Before, dad paid everything during their dates but things change after they have me. Will this happen to me too? Sigh... :(

There are someone who disagree with this title. Let see Dalicia's comment.

Dalicia wrote:
"Since when we're equal??? Man gets more pay than women. So for them to pay our bill is so hard? things are better than many years back. but we're not on equal grounds. It depends on the relationship. Sometimes you want to treat your guy or what...but we're not there to foot all their bills. or pay their debts :P"

I Love this answer a lot since she's showing us the woman's power! Yeah! She's right. We can choose to treat the guy for meals but not paying their bills or debts which will bring us trouble. Heard us? Haha...

Every comments that I've received here sounds great to me. However, which one is the best one? Any idea? ;D

Anyway, I still wish to see 'masculine power' from the men - their ego for not wanting their women that they truly love to pay before or after marriage of course! Well, girls like us will do our part as well. Don't worry. Lol..