21 November 2007

First Day Of Work- Darn Tire!

If you realise my twitter which I've just updated it, you will know that I am absolutely tired. Today is my first day of work, as a sales assistant in a store that sell fashion designer's work-clothes.

Working in a classy store is a bit stress (eustress actually) since I know nothing about fashion. I am such a nerd and I don't have any fashion senses. Sad to say it but it's true. You should know this once you'd read my previous post that I need help in cosmetics! (here) For all this while, T-shirt and jeans have become a part of me with my dull non make-up face.

Since I am working, I should know the type of materials that are used, the name of the colour, the meaning behind a designed garment, the famous artist or people (just know a bit) and about the history of the designer himself/herself. Gosh... I need to do my homework before going back to work tomorrow. I thought working as a sales girl will be easy since "I just sell, and they just buy". However, I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Anyway, I know I can do it. I will search via the internet for more information.

Oh ya. Do you know how did I look today? I look completely like an panda. Haha.... I drew my eyes too dark. Look totally an alien to me.. Lol...

PAnda.... @_@

What I want is to be like in the photo. Natural, big, sparkling eyes! However, it turned up to be like a panda... sigh.... ;(

And gosh! My toes were hurt by my shoe which I think the shoes size do not fit my foot. Too tight for me. As a result, I couldn't walk nor stand right now. Lucky (which I thought) for me that I've immediately got a pair of new, formal shoes.

Something like this..

However, the new shoes are not comfortable neither when I walked back home. Sigh... It's impossible for me to spend another ringgit for another shoes since today is just my first day of work. I don't have any pocket money to buy another new pair of shoes. No no no...
What am I supposed to do for tomorrow?
Anyway, it's much better from my previous one.

This is not my foots! It's an example I took from the net. haha....

Hopefully, there won't be any trouble occurs with my new pair of shoes or else.... that will be my hardest moment to bare with... when the shoes are too tight. Sigh....