19 November 2007

The Cost After Death

Finally, my great grandmother was buried in Taiping.
I'd attended the ceremony since yesterday until today, the final day. My family, grandma, my other relatives and I spent the whole 2 days at my great grandmother's house for the ceremony. That's why I didn't update my blog and I am sorry.

My great grandmother death have thought me something... not just about to precious everyone life. It's more than that. My great grandmother has 8 children and my granny is the eldest so she was the one who monitored the whole ceremony. In that 3 days, mum told me the whole ceremony has used up Rm40,000 ++ *this figure has been updated* (including meals, food for offering, music band and etc) but not including the land for her grave. It was a shocking amount to me. Gosh... I thought only the wedding ceremony will use up a big sum of money.

It was lucky for great grandmother that she has 8 children who can share and pay for the ceremony. Anyway, not all of her child can afford the expensive cost since some of them are just the fishmonger and the maker of dried salten fish. Fortunately, my great grandmother did save some money before she left. Those money will be used to cover the cost. Now, I start to understand why people especially the adults are saving those money for there death. Just to make an early preparation in case her/his children don't have the money to make the ceremony for her.. ;(

Let me highlight something here:

Do you believe that my great grandmother has 100 ++ over grandchildren and great grandchildren? It was amazing to see such a big number of family. However, I don't know much of them since I am at the bottom of the family tree and most of them stay far apart. I believe, after the death of my great grandma, I won't have much chance to see them again. There will be no more reason to go back to the old wooden house and it is really sad to think about it.

Do you know that, I need to wear RED in colour T-shirt while attending the ceremony?

Strange right since only black and white shirts are allow to show a respect for the family and the ceremony. In my case, it's difference. Those great grandchildren will wear red or pink shirt... and I feel proud of it.. dunno why.. haha...

I will go back tomorrow and will start my part-time job on Wednesday (I've postponed it). Looks like I've to get rest soon. Sorry for not having the time to visit some of your blog. I am busy over here. Hope that you guys will have a nice day.
See ya... ^^