16 November 2007

Goodbye Great Grandmother

Hello my blogger friends. If you have read my previous post, don't worry about me. I am fine here and still a cheerful curryegg. ^^

Everyone will die in this world. None of us can escape from this reality. My great grandmother death has taught me to precious lives. When one goes, she or he will never come back. This has made me realise how important life is.

I shall spread my love to the world and make it a better place to live. How? Good question. I choose to blog. I believe what I blog here will give some effects on those who read it. I know you can feel what I feel at this moment using words, photo and music. Besides, my curryegg.com site will never disappear ( I guess so) from this blog valley although I was dead. My thoughts and voice will never been forgotten here.. (i hope so). This site will be my history. Haha.... Just like Leonardo Da Vinci's art works. Everyone still remembers his great work.

Everything is fine here just I am a bit boring at my grandma's house because there is nothing I can do. Thank God, my kind cousin, William allow me to use his personal computer here.

Hey! Just got a news from mum that later I will be in charged to take care of my naughty niece who is 3 years old. Uhh... I still remember how she tare my book, stretched my face and pulled my hair. It's hurt.

I hope you still remember her. I did blog about her before.. Click here if you haven't... ;(
She is scary.. Lol...

I think I should prepare myself before she reach here, to my grandma's house in another half minutes. Sigh... This afternoon, curryegg will be tortured by the little girl. Sob...