10 January 2008

Traffic Jam Is IDIOT

The idea of organizing the Traffic Jam event is completely an IDIOT!!!
I don't even know why they can think of that idea!?? Ridiculous!

Before going any further, let me describe the meaning of IDIOT in this context.

I - Interesting
D - Daring
I - Inestimable value
O - Organized
I - Trustworthy

Some of you might ask, what is Traffic Jam?

Well, it's a Nuffnang community event in collaboration with YouthMalaysia.com, sponsored by iTalk Buddy & Tune Money. They will select the the lucky top 100 to be featured in Traffic Jam. If you're being selected, ha-ah! You've hit the jackpot. An immediate traffic will flood into your blog in no time from 18th till 20th January 2008. Who knows, this traffic might be your faithful, regular reader in the future?

Isn't this sound interesting? By the way, I should thank to Nuffnang and YouthMalaysia.com for being so daring in planning this event. For all this while, I've never heard of any event as grand as this Malaysia. Just imagine, there will be 100 bloggers who will meet up in YOUTH’08 Main Stage, Hall 4, PWTC on 19th January 2008 (5pm – 7pm). Besides, these selected 100 bloggers will have the chance to meet these Malaysian celebrities bloggers!

The funniest male blogger I've never seen in my life. My idol. Kenny Sia

A gorgeous female blogger who I love the most. Nicole Tan.

A creative, beautiful female blogger who I admire a lot. Ringo Tan.

A young, cute female blogger who I just noticed not long ago. Thank Nuffnang for directing me to her blog. Pink Pau.

And.... last but not least.....


A talented, friendly blogger. Curryegg. Muahaha.....
I think I hallucinate too much... (@_@)

There are even awards, waiting to be grabbed:
- Nuffnang Most Promising Blogsite 2008
- YOUTH ’08 Most Popular Traffic Jam Blogsite
- iTalk Buddy Most Creative Writeup
- TuneMoney.com Spend & Fly


This is what I've mentioned earlier, the Traffic Jam event is of inestimable value! I believe this event will work out very well because I trust Nuffnang. Its system is organized and trustworthy. (This is what I've mentioned earlier: IDIOT). Haha... If you're a Malaysian or Singapore bloggers, why not sign up for this event. Who know you might be the lucky top 100?

I've signed up and am wondering what will happen soon. Will my curryegg.com have the chance to be selected? I don't know.