15 January 2008

Cinderella Without Her Dress

What should be my first exclamation word for this post?

"Oh My God!?"


I don't care because my mind is blank right now. I can't think of anything except an email from Nuffnang which I've just received. What's the big issue with NUFFNANG here?

Do you still remember my previous post on Traffic Jam Is IDIOT? Briefly, Traffic Jam is an event organized by Nuffnang and YouthMalaysia.com, sponsored by iTalk buddy and Tune Money. I believe, it will be the biggest event ever held in Malaysia for blogger and I am honoured to announce that I've been shortlisted for the lucky 100 blogger to go for the event. Curryegg.com will be featured in Traffic Jam and more and more people will get to know this blog. (I hope so...)

But sigh....
I am just like a Cinderella who don't have a nice, beautiful outfit for the ball when the king invite every girl in the town to go for a ball in the palace. She knows the prince is waiting for her but things just aren't seemed to be right. How can she go with her old, ugly dress in which her steph sisters give her. The guards will probably stop her from entering the palace before she can meet the prince.

Similarly, my blog don't have a nice, beautiful template to attract visitor to vote for my blog. Just look at my header, till now, I still couldn't find a solution to make the Curryegg.com header wider to fit my page.

I feel incomplete in this sense. Besides, I am not sure do I have a fan/fans who love my blog and is/are willing to go to PWTC on this 19th January 2008 to vote for my blog. Or will the new visitors fall in love with my blog at first sight?

Will my dream come true?

I don't know. But I will try my best and be confidence with my blog. I've done a great job on it, posted about 185 entries in a year (since last Feb 2007). I believe, beauty is in the eye of beholder. So, what should I worry? Am I right? haha....

If you like my blog and happen to be in PWTC for the Traffic Jam event, do vote for me. Every vote from you mean a lot to me. The advetisment is beside my side bar if you notice it..

Time: 18-19th January 2007
Place: YOUTH’08 Main Stage, Hall 4, PWTC

For more information, click here.

I am waiting for my fairy-god-mother/father to 'help me' and I am sure, the fairy will be *YOU*.


Thank you.... :)