08 January 2008

Curryegg Psychology

I am in UM library right now while waiting for my class which is at 2.30pm.
An idea came into my mind, just couple of minutes ago.

This semester, I've to take 3 types of psychology subjects including Social Psychology, Development Psychology and Learning Psychology. Of course, they are interesting. However, I don't know how well I can cope with these 3 main subjects. Maybe I will get insane and at the end.....


I am in 'Tangjung Rambutan', making my own Curryegg Psychology...
Muahaha.... what a crazy thought. ;D

Sometimes, I am thinking that do I have the ability to influence people, or maybe the bloggers, like you??? Will you think that things that I wrote here will leave some or.... maybe a little, tiny impact on you while you're reading my post?

Since I am on my way to becoming a counselor and a part-time stunning blogger (kekezz), I wish to know more about myself.

I don't know how do you think about me. Maybe you can tell me instead? Emm... good idea... ;)
Your comments or suggestions will be treasured here.... Thank ya... :)
After that, I will make my own Curryegg Psychology in Curryegg.COm!