24 January 2008

Kennysia Attraction

Nearly the whole Malaysian know who's Kennysia. Don't you think so? (Even aunty like my mum also know him le! Don't play play ah... lol...)

beh tong.... (-__-!!!)

Owning the highest blog traffic in Malaysia (or maybe Asian) has showed that, he's a blogger who has his own attraction. Or else, the number of readers wouldn't reach 15-20K per day! @_@

So, it's needless for me to describe him any further.
Well, I've chosen him to be my case study right now. Let's do some survey!

How Kennysia able to hit a minimum amount of 20K readers per day? There will be a lot of answers from you including he's handsome (but I think he's cute!), friendly, creative, talented in photo shooting and blogging and humble (yes, he is). Well, I am not interested in knowing that.

Despite his positive characteristic (friendly, funny, cheerful and etc...); his creative and organized skills in delivering his idea through blogging; having a wide social network and his intelligence (whoa!); there is another small, tiny, minor point that people might miss out.

If you're a regular reader of his, you will realise his Cbox located on top of his right side bar (He's smart in putting it there.). Yes. Kennysia's Premium Cbox has caught thousand of attention from the readers and has turn into a public chatroom. Isn't that cool?

You can also treat it like your:

Yahoo Messenger



WOW wow wow!
You can meet up hundreds of Kennysia's fan at the same time, discussing certain topic.
NOTE: if only if you can fit in into the conversation. Or else, you'll be talking alone...

Example (being modified for the sake of joke):

Curryegg: Hello everyone
Name1: I wan a present for valentine
Name2: You won't get it
Name3: I will give you honey
Name1: really? Name2 is so mean
Name4: Do you guys wanna go out for date?
Curryegg: A date? Cool! Where will you guys go?
Name2: That's good idea, name1 and name2 wanna go?
Name1: The Curve?
Name4: Let us plan it....
Name3: Name1 wear G cup bra during date ya?..
Name1: Uhh?
Curryegg: Hello? Hello?!!
Name4: That's right! I want to see red one
Name6: Cool! WHo's name1 here?
Name1: Gila meh? So big??
And the conversation continued, isolating me... alone.. sob...
Curryegg: (!!!-_-)

LESSON: If this happen on you, better chat in your own MSN ba~
Or fit in and try to make friends..