06 January 2008

Help WWF

Some of you might have read my previous post about why we should save those endangered species in Malaysia: "Save Them Right Now". You can give thousands of reason on why we should preserve them. However, you might not appreciate their existence in this world since they are just the "Animal".

"Aiyo... just animal only ma, what the big deal?"
"Hilang ma hilang lor"

"Animal? I prefer money instead"
"You mean chicken? KFC?"

What's this? A cock?

Wo-wo! KFC? Lol.... About the cock... I don't know if the news is real or not about the chicken that are used by the KFC are actually clone chicken. No fur, small bones and more fresh. If it's true, then I will not step into any KFC restaurant in the future.

No matter how you don't like or don't care about this issue, I don't care. Once you step into my blog, you have to look at these photo.

Don't they look beautiful?
I mean the way the photos being snapped: the angles, the colour and and the feel.

Or anyone like clone animal instead of the real one?

I wish that these lovely, beautiful photos which I took from the WWF website will leave a small impact on each of you- save of them before they are gone.