09 January 2008

How Real Is My Heritage?

Some of you might have used MyHeritage, a cool website and pasted the result in friendster or blog. This is my first time visiting the website and had even done some experiments for the face recognition to find out which celebrities I resemble the most. So, here are the results:

I've put 4 different kind of my photos: 2 without make up and 2 with make up. The results don't seem like 100% accurate but at least 70%.

The first result in which I didn't put on any make-up show that, I resemble Meriam Yeung, the famous artist in Hong Kong the most. Really? Cool!

No no no... I don't mean this photo...

I mean this... cheerful Meriam Yeung.. haha..

I even look like Brenda Song? Wow... And Shu Qi? Really?

There is not much difference between the first test and the second one. However, the third and fourth result in which I put on make-up show different result. I look like Son Ye Jin, Brenda again and Jang Nara! OMG...

Honestly, I don't look similar to any artist that are suggested but somehow or rather, I feel happy. Why? Because all of the celebrities that they suggested for my photos are beautiful... which mean I am beautiful.. Lol... This is what we call syndrome 'shiok sendiri' (people who love themselves too much)


Anyway, I prefer look more like Son Ye Jin. Haha...