23 February 2008

Curryegg's New Favicon

If you have been a loyal reader of curryegg.com, you might realize that there is a small changes on it... What's it?
Try to look examine....

The header? Nop.
The Background? Nop..
The size of the alphabet? Nop Nop...

It's the my new favicon! Lol.... No more blogger icon on it. Can you see the egg?

Big Egg!

Firstly, I shall thank NoktahHitam for creating this cute egg for me since last month. Besides, I've to thank flux for helping me in generating the code into my blog layout yesterday. I am bad in html.

So, this is it. The brand new favicon of curryegg.com. I realize that 3point8 was asking about the curry in my cbox. Lol... No curry this time but just a white egg. I think I'll try to draw curry with egg next time if only if I manage to learn photoshop. Haha....

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Your website is easy to remember and return to.

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Good luck to you.