13 February 2008

How To Get An Instant Date?

Since there is only a day left before Valentine Day, here is a quick studies on how to get your date before the dateline. Learn this or just sit at home, alone... sob... :)

If you've read my previous post on How To Steal A Person's Heart, you might have get some ideas on how to attract the person that you like within days, weeks, months or years. However, if you haven't manage (since you're too busy with work or assignments) to get one before Valentine Day (tomorrow) and don't know where should should get him/her, don't worry. Ms Curryegg is going to point out places that you can get an instant date!

  1. School/College/University: It's the easier place to get a date here since the number of students are large.

  2. Working Place: Working place is a best place to get your date too. You work with him/her together and get the chance to meet more often. So why not ask your colleage who are single for a romantic dinner tomorrow? Lol... The good thing is, both of you can afford the cost don't ya?

  3. Hospital: If you're a patient you can date the nurse who has been taking care of you all the time. Or...the doctor as well. If you're the doctor, you can date one of the nurse or patient. Lol.... and have a romantic time in the hospital. Choi! (the Chinese don't prefer to date in the hospital.. Lol..) Forget about this.

  4. Chatroom: MiRC, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Skype or Kennysia Cbox.. Lol... It is a place where you can meet a lot of internet users here. However, it's not safe to date a stranger via the internet since you have never meet them and don't know anything about them. So be wise!

  5. Blogging: If comparing the chatrooms and blogosphere, I feel that blogosphere will be safer. Why? To those who blog about themselves, you will get a clearer idea about them from the way they look, the way they think, their background and etc... Isn't that better? And that will create the blogger and blogger love story. Haha.... Tell me if any of you has become one... ;D

Hope that this will help. Lol.. if it's not helping you, just treat it as a joke. Wishing you all the best..

Oh ya... Today will be the 7th day of Chinese New Year and it's a day for everyone's birthday. So wish you guys a happy birthday! Yahoooooo! Presents please!!!