14 February 2008

Unexpected V-Day

Sometimes, things happen in an unexpected way.

  • You may have planned for a picnic this evening but it ends up raining half an hour earlier before your actual plan.
  • You may have planned to get your cash from the ATM machine late at night but unfortunately, the machine doesn't work.
  • You may have planned to attend your best friend's wedding party but your grandpa is admitted into the hospital at the same day.
  • You may have planned to spend a great time for your Valentine Day with your love one but you ended up have a big quarrel with him/her.

Doesn't that sound similar to you?

It's hard to predict the future, even just a minute ahead because everything can happen in a sudden. Take for an example, earthquake just take few seconds to destroy buildings. It affects emotion, mental and physical.

I am facing my unexpected Valentine Day right now and am a bit down. Well, looks like my love posts which I've been writing for 2 weeks are not working on me. Sorry for my failures. I should find tips on how to Prevent Problems on Valentine Day.. Haha...

Here are some songs which are showing my feeling right now....

To all my reader,
Wishing you guys a Happy Valentine Day. Treasure every moment that you've with your love one (family, friends, neighbour..etc.. etc..) and me in curryegg.com!