09 February 2008

Umbrella Is For Sharing

Life is like a circle.
Whatever thing that you do (either good or bad) it will somehow happen back on you.

When you help others, others will help you.
When you cheat others, others might cheat you back.
When you give others 'Ang pau', your children will get them.

If you steal others properties, someday, your properties will be stole too.
If you give your love to your children (in a right way), you will not end up living in the old folk home.
If you visit others blog, others may visit yours...
If you dang a nuffnanger's post, he/she will dang you back. Lol... ;)
and so on.....

It might be as simple as an equation:

give = return

And we call it... the circle of life...

Nop.. i don't mean this...

not this.. uhh? @_@

Yes! I mean this....!!!

However, not everything that you give will has its return. For example, you donate RM5 note for a bagger who was sitting in front of the shopping mall and don't expect he/she will return you the RM5 when he/she is rich. Anyway, I always believe that when you help other, you're actually helping yourself either physically, mentally or emotionally. Why not? You'll feel happy doing it and this will make you feel good for the rest of the week. Don't that sound great?

Since it's the beginning of the Rat year, it will be a good start for me to do some charities.

About a week ago, Yuin Yin, one of my blogger friend has asked my help to spread the news about Holly Alonzo.

Holly's story:

Holly Alonzo is a 21 years old mother (young) and wife with a genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2), which is tumors grow on the spine and cranial nerves. Holly was diagnose when she was 13 years old, a year earlier than Yvonne. At that time, the doctors found a tumor wrapped around her brain stem. This tumor had to be removed, and she I woke up blind.

Holly is married with a newborn and she also has bilateral Acoustic Neuroma and became deaf in the first ear. Being blind, she was unable to see her child smile. She could only depend on her good ear to feel close to her baby. Right now the tumor on the good ear is growing and the one ear with residual hearing, is also in danger.

Holly is now hoping to get an Auditory Brainstem Implant (ABI). The implant will provide her with some auditory stimulation so that will not have to risk being completely blind AND deaf. Unfortunately, the procedures to get the implant are only done at select hospitals, and these hospitals do not accept her insurance (Medicaid). The estimated cost of the surgery is USD 60,000.

Honestly, it's hard for a mother to take care of her children in that condition. It's always a mother's hope to be able to watch her children development. In order to help her, there is a campaign running by Yvonne and Pelf. If you're interested to lend a hand, you can:

1) Blog about Holly Alonzo and her condition and help spread the news as much as you can.
2) Place a “Save Holly” badge on your blog. (the badge can be obtain from Holly’s blog.)
3) Donate to Holly. Remember we are only asking for a dollar?
4) Get your blogging network friends to blog about and donate to Holly too. The faster this campaign spreads like wildfire, the sooner Holly will be able to get the ABI.

Another case, children in Taman Megah is as unlucky as Holly. Taman Megah is a home for handicap kids and there are 136 of them.

It's great to hear from Nicole that she's running a donation campaign for the unfortunate kids and will visit the home on this 13th February 2008. Anyone who is interested to join her can contact her. For more information, click here.

Umbrella is for sharing...
and so do life. Spread your love to those who are in need and share them.. Make the world a better life to live.

I am trying to help....