08 February 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

Hello everyone.
How are you over there?

Finally I get the chance to blog. Lol... Staying in my grandma's house is a bit hard for me to blog since there is no internet connection here.

Well, I am having my great time here. I get the chance to meet my relatives, eat varieties of food, wear new clothes and meet my old old friends. Great!

Oh ya. If you're a regular reader of curryegg.com, you might realize that I'm having my love campaign for 2 weeks. And hey! Great news! Most of the comments which I've received are positive. I am so glad that you guys love them.

Stay tune for more love posts. Will be working hard on it. Will blog again laterI. I am going to chit chat with my cousins. It's hard to meet all of them. Hehe...

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
Wishing to my all bloggers friends will have a dramatic improvement for your blog traffic starting by today. Hehe...
At the same time, I wish to all my readers will have a great year! Yahoooooo!

Enjoy this Mickey Mouse Year.... ;D