21 February 2008

Lydia Sum, I Miss You!

Veteran Hong Kong actress Lydia Sum dies

HONG KONG (AP): Veteran Hong Kong actress Lydia Sum, known for her iconic black-rimmed glasses and heavy build, died early Tuesday, news reports said. She was reportedly 61.

News from thestar.com.my

I was shocked when I heard the news about Lydia Shum Din Ha death.
How out dated am I since I am staying in my college. Sigh....

Lydia Shum has left us. I miss her voice. I miss her smile. I miss her laughter. I miss HER!
Since she had admitted into the hospital, I'd started to worry about her condition (cancer). I still remember how I wished she should recover and watch her in the TV again.
Somehow... Life is unpredictable. Things go will go, life ends will end...

There was a small program from TVB, Hong Kong dedicated to Lydia Shum in Astro just half and hour ago. Everyone including her friends, neighbors, collage, staff and fans send their condolences to her through the program. I felt like crying after watching that program.

Lydia Shum, you're a great person. Everyone loves you and we hope you know this. No one will ever forget you as time goes by.
To her daughter, do be strong and we will support you here.

May Fei Jeh (Lydia Shum) rest in peace. Amitbha...