02 February 2008

How To Steal A Person's Heart?

Before reading any further, please answer this question:

"Are you single and available?"

If answering yes for this question has made you hurt since Valentine Day is just around the corner and you don't wanna spend your time alone, don't worry. Curryegg is going to show you ways on how to steal a girl/boy's heart immediately before the dateline: 14th February 2008. Isn't that great?!!

Ways on how to steal a person's heart.

1) Set your aim.

Setting your aim means that get the right person who has been appearing in your mind and dreams since all this while to be your target. If you've a few, think and choose wisely the one who you want the most. (NOTE: Make sure the person that you choose are not commited in any relationship. Next, choose only one and not more than that since you are running out of time, remember? We want 99% success!)

2) Understand.

Once you've chosed the person to be your target, you've a task needed to be done. Get more information about his/hers background, personal details and their interest. You can get them from his/hers friends, your own observation or from her family (if you dare). This is crucial for the next strategy

3) Action. *important*

If she loves roses, send her a bouquet of rose everyday. If he loves sandwiches, makes him a box of sandwiches everyday. They will get touch easily and fall to you within 2 weeks! This might sound simple but make sure you do it persistantly and consistantly. Or else, you might fail.

How does this work? The person who has been receiving the gifts consistently will get to used to it. Once you stop sending him/her gift even just a day, he/she will feel uneasy and might end up calling you, asking you: What happen???
And then, you're on your way in hitting the jackpot!

(Ivon Pavlov's classical conditioning theory is being applied.)

4) Attempt.

Hint them that you're interested in him/her via cards, sms or calls. If you find out that he/she is showing his/hers interest in you too, what are you waiting for? Confess your feeling to him/her and ask them to be your partner. Girls might be a bit shy in this context (yes.. I am), maybe you can wait for his move?

5) Backup.

What if he/she doesn't show any respone on you?
Don't worry, there are 2 ways.
Keep on approaching the person in a nice, sweet way until you get him/her.

Or else, just change your target. Get another new one! Lol...
But if you're late for 14th February, sorry to say that you've to spend your single life on Valentine Day.... again (which is not a big deal).

Good luck everyone!

(Resources: My lecturer, Psychology From Science to Practise book from Pearson and website from Wikipedia.)

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