03 June 2009

Banner Is Back & New Layout!

I did it again.

I have changed my blog layout within a week.
So, these are what you want (the majority voice) according to your comment and the poll result:

  1. Curryegg's Banner - It's Back!
  2. The warm, spicy, eggie atmosphere - It's HERE!
  3. A two & three sidebar column - 2 in 1
  4. Wider post body - weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
  5. Better comment system - I hope so.

It took me nearly 3 days to customize this whole layout. The good news is, I wasn't so stress while editing the html code comparing to my first attempt. Instead, I start to understand the 'odd language' better. Thus, it has allowed me to add my 'curry bowl' beside every blog post title. AWESOME! I seriously like this idea a lot. Feel so much like CurryEgg. If you can enlarge the image, you will see eggs in the curry bowl.

Besides, I am using eggie favicon again! You can spot it beside my blog link in the window. Or, if you are reading my blog post via email (RSS), you might realize my favicon. Weeeeeee.... It is good to have it again after being forgotten for 1 year.

Special Note: So Anne, can you feel the curriness+egginess in my blog now? This is what you requested, right? Lol..

So my dear readers, what do you think?
Do you like this layout and the comment system?

Do let me know your opinion. I would love to hear your response. By the way, I will have to rearrange my widgets on my sidebars. Kinda mess.

Thanks for your comments on my previous layout. You guys have really help me a lot in searching for the best layout for CurryEgg by providing me your comments. Thanks.. ;)