12 June 2009

Do I Really Need To Be Popular?

Not too long ago, a caring blogger friend of mine, Suresh (or my brother since he called me jie), started complaining on how inactive I am with blogger events which were held through out this entire year.

"Jie, join Nuffnang events la. Be active and meet other bloggers"

Clearly that, he noticed I wasn't that interested with blogger activities any more. In fact, it is not just him alone but a few more blogger friends who I know for years. Thanks for your concern and I know you care about me. Thanks.. :)

Well, they are right. I notice the changes in me too. I wasn't that active with blogger events lately comparing to last year, where you will notice the presence of Curryegg in almost every event especially those which were organized by Nuffnang.

Photo from Nuffnang's blog

Frankly, I love and enjoy every event which was organized by Nuffnang. No doubt. Who will ever want to miss the opportunity of grabbing free stuff, prizes, cool programmes, nice food and meeting new, friendly people?

The Pajamas Party

Besides, I always feel myself walking on the red carpet whenever I attend those exciting events. Thousands of camera flashes and warm greeting from every bloggers whom I managed to come across with always makes me feel like an VVIP. Each conversation will have a very similar opening:

"Hello Curryegg, is that you?"
"Hello Curryegg, remember me?"
"Hello Curryegg, cam-whore together!"

I must say, each time whenever someone called me as Curryegg, a broad smile will automatically appeared on my face. I seriously have no idea about this. I guess, it is most probably because of the sound - too cute? Or they at least know my existence.

The freakiest antenna I have ever had in my life.

A year of experiencing the blogging events have created sweet memories in one of my life chapter. The joy of cam-whoring with hundreds of bloggers and being appreciated as a blogger is so over-whelming. Not just that, we started adding each other in Facebook and keep in touch with each other news. That's the most wonderful part which I treasure the most.

Halloween Party

However, it seemed like unfortunate for me for not being able to attend any events this year. Most of the time, the timing wasn't right. Sometimes, it crashed with my exam dates or else, with other activities. Anyway, I feel that it is time to let others to experience what I had enjoyed before. That's also one of the reason why I don't fight with my own schedule if I really can't make it.

A small sharing moment which I love the most in Italiannies.

Nokia N96 Race - The freakiest, craziest.

Looking at how inactive I am this year, Suresh did remind me that I will soon loss my fame of being a Curryegg. People will no longer remember me nor know my existence as time goes by (if I remain quiet for long term). This is what Suresh told me in our earlier chat and he got his point. Well, I don't know should I need popularity to keep my own personal blog.

Do I have to?

Law Conference which was held this year.

The below questions have been spinning around my head ever since I had that chat.

"Do I really need to be popular? For how long?"
"Can't I just treat everyone as friends rather than fans?"

"Can I be whoever I want to be?"

My answer?

I will just be me - Kelly Tan and I don't need fame or popularity to keep me blogging. You will see me around in any event whenever there is a chance. However, I strongly believe that if my readers like what I blog, they will be here. If they love me as a person, they will be in my Facebook.