08 June 2009

KFC Flava Roast Real Yummy. No Lie!

Seriously, I have never thought of falling so-so-so-so-so-so deeply in love with KFC new secret recipe, the Flava Roast. I mean, ya. I AM SERIOUS! I have never thought of my new addiction will be the Flava Roast meal.

It had been years I wasn't a fast food eater ever since I learned to watch my diet by reducing the intake of fats and carbohydrates. I become a more health conscious girl once I stepped into my 20's. Well, thanks to my mum and my Science teachers who have never failed to scare me from all those monstrous facts and information about oily and high carbohydrate food. The main reason behind this healthy diet isn't merely because of the weight. In fact, I am worried about my possibility in gaining diabetes as it is in my family history. So, in order to reduce the percentage, I choose to prevent rather than cure.

Well, let's go back to our KFC Flava Roast story. Frankly, I really love this whole new menu a lot. The unforgettable taste in every bite of the soft, juicy yet a little spicy chicken - eeemmmmm.... mamamiah!

Each bite had turned me into heaven and I felt like dancing on the spot. I had never tasted anything like heaven in any Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet. Not even the previous Mushroom Chicken Chop can compete with this. It was a real surprise for me. The aroma, the taste and the presentation of the Flava Roast Chicken Steak....

I know I am a messy girl. I failed to wait for futher 'self-photography' moment when the food was served. That's why you get to see my messy plate. Trust me, you can't wait neither.

I feel like having it now. Hungry~

Other than the chicken, I love the cheezy baked potato so-so-so much (like Wendy's). I feel like dying, licking the creamy jalapeno sauce with mayonnaise, peppers and chopped spring onions.

I love it!

This is my another thumbs up. You might be asking about my diet. Well, I couldn't care more. They just taste too good. Who will let them go when the aroma is killing any one who dared to sniff them. Not even the eyes will reject the sight, yes?

By the way, I seriously feel that eating this is healthy as I can't eat anything oily in this plate - unlike the fried chicken. Sorry for saying this, but they are too oily...

Besides the Flava Roast Chicken steak, I tried the Flava Roast Burger too. I tell you, it is marvelous! The fresh sesame bun and tender Flava Roast Chicken Fillet topped with pepper mayonnaise mixed so well till they bite my tongue.

Ouch! It is irresistible!

I guess I was too crazy over the burger till I came up with something freaky. Something real out-of-the ordinary...

The vege! I love!

I had been there like.. twice in a week? Lol.. I guess this is my new addiction and I believe it will last for at least few months. I hope this menu will remain and please.. don't stop it! Eggs will run away from curry bowl if they do. Ok. What to do with the eggs? >.<
Even I had to buy take away last Sunday.

The only meal I have not tried yet is the Flava' Roast Wings. I believe the KFC staff will get to see me again by this weekend.

Regarding to all those freaky poses of mine, they are eventually for the KFC Flava Roast contest organized by Nuffnang. Anyway, I had failed to submit it on time because.. emm... I have forgotten the deadline. I took me a day to realize the date: 6 June 2009. Oh dear. My chances in winning the RM1,500 has vanished.

Sob.. No more Nike shoes.. :(

In order not to waste my hard work, I decided to continue my writing on this new recipe based on my real experiences on my taste buds. Thus, what I have written here are genuine. Now what? Go and pamper yourself with these real yummy meals. Starring at my photos will only make yourself suffer.

So, STOP MOUTH-WATERING and hunt for Flava Roast.

Attention: Only certain outlets have this brand new menu. Check here.