04 June 2009

Comment With Facebook/Twitter Account


Right now, you can use your Facebook or Twitter account to leave your comment in Curryegg's comment box. Yes. That's right. Isn't this interesting? There shouldn't be a hassle in leaving your comment starting by now because you don't have to type in name, email and blogURL. Instead, you just have to sign in to your Facebook or Twitter account by clicking the Facebook or Twitter icon. You will see these icons just above the comment box.

P/s: Thanks to Jacq for suggesting Disqus comment system for my blog. I hope it will help me in managing my comments properly.. *pray*

If you are not sure on how to leave your comment using your Facebook or Twitter account, don't worry. I will help you in this by providing you some guidelines. In fact, you don't need these guidelines because it is really simple.


1) How To Leave Comment Under Your Facebook Account

Firstly, click on the comment box which is located at the bottom of the post. Then scroll down the page and you will come across with Disqus comment box. Just above the blank comment box, you will notice the icon "F connect" which means connecting to Facebook.

Click on it and you will be directed to a Facebook log in box. Just enter your log in detail including email and password. This is how Disqus comment system connects to your Facebook account.

Once you have successfully logging in, your name and display picture based on your Facebook account will appear.

What else? You can start typing your comment or your love words into the box. Click on the post comment button and ta-da.....

Your comment will appear. Cool isn't it? Since almost everyone is owning a Facebook account, I believe this comment system will come in handy. In fact, funkier! So my dear Facebook friends, you have no excuses for not leaving me comment this time.. Mamak, Asha, ShuHuan, Mac, SzeL, Kevin and Eric can you hear me? hehe.. ;)

2) How To Leave Comment Under Your Twitter Account

Well, the procedure is similar to the former one. Just search and click on the Twitter icon. You will be directed to twitter log in box. Just key in your name and password.

Once the system is ready, your twitter account will connect to my comment box. Your Twitter display picture and name will appear.

So, you can start typing your comment. Wait, before you hit on the 'post comment' icon, you will notice a small box on the right, stating 'Twitt this comment as yourname'. If you want the comment appear in your Twitter homepage, just tick on it. Or else, just leave it.

At the end, the comment will be save in my comment box and it will appear like this:

So, izzit FUN or WHAT?

Non-blogger readers can now leave their thoughts or love notes for me with their preferable Avatar (photo or icon of yours). No more ugly-boring-dull avatar which appear beside your comment. Besides, I can connect to their Facebook profile or Twitter account for easily - so that I know who you are. Hehe..

I hope Disqus will work well for my blog. I don't wanna test another new comment system after this, pray.. For your information, I have just shifted from Intense Debate to Disqus. Not using Google comment if Disqus manage to win my heart.

So, let start throwing eggs into my comment box. I have been longing for yours..