23 June 2009

Journey To Sanya -Teaser

First of all, I would like to announce the lost of half of my photo collection in my memory stick - as in forever.

There is no way I can restore them back no matter how hard I had tried because most of them have been over-written. God knows how upset I was. However, this feeling didn't last long because I know I will be back to Hainan, China again. I am sure I will.

That will be the time I go with a at-least-4GB memory stick and a mini laptop to keep and backup all my pictures. Besides, I will be triple alert when pressing each button on my Pink-eggie (my red digital camera) starting by today as I am not going to loss any valuable photos or video clips ever again!

Never ever!!!

Since there is no use crying over spilt milk, it is better to focus and appreciate whatever I have now. There are still plenty of fabulous photos and story I want to share with you and I believe, this teaser will attract your attention to come back for more.. right?

I am dark!

Because of too much cam-whoring in the bus, I lost half of my photo collection. The carelessness of me for not double confirming the warning notice. That are the cons, remember~


Anyway, I would like to thanks everyone who is so kind and generous enough in teaching me the way in restoring lost data by providing useful information and even free tutorial. This special thanks should be given to Garfield. Thanks for your time and effort although my photos can't be saved. Most importantly, I have learned how to restore lost data in future, right Garfield?

While I am still picking and editing those hundreds of photos in my hard disk, here are some photos from Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone I would like to show you first.

What next?

Of course. It will be my journey to Sanya. So, stay tune!