14 June 2009

Double Surprises

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for leaving me such a wonderful and motivating comments in my previous post, "Do I Really Need To Be Popular". You guys have encouraged me to keep this humble blog running without any worries. Thanks.

Edmund Loh

So, back to my 'Double Surprises' post. You have no idea how excited I was to meet Mr Edmund Loh finally (Opss.. this sound a bit old. haha..). We had planned to meet up for a drink several times, yet nothing succeeded till last Tuesday when he had confirmed his time with me. Well, no one will ever imagine how busy he is with meeting, conference and business.

Why? Because he is Edmund Loh.

I actually knew him from a book namely Secrets of Millionaire Students, written by 3 authors, Stuart Tan, Dylan Loh and Edmund Loh. This book has attracted me simply by its title when I was in a bookstore, looking for nice juicy book. It teaches how to build own empire in earning some fortune from the internet business. So, it is obvious that, these three writers have hit the jackpot and wanting to share their experiences as well as online strategies with the society.

I did buy this book and thought of earning myself some pocket money. However, nothing was done by me and I have no idea which business I should start up with. I am seriously pathless. How pathetic. Sigh..

Anyway, this meet up with Edmund wasn't related to any business matter. It was just a meet up with a friendly guy who has good attitude and personality. Besides, I had been keeping myself too long at home and it made me wanting to go out, grasping for shopping air. Wandering around the mall is good and I believe you remember my previous post on "Why Women Spend Longer Time In Shopping Mall". Read it if you haven't.

We met for just about 3 hours before he asked for a leave. Before that, we managed to drop by a bowling center at the last hour. Well, it had been a long time I didn't play bowling. How embarrassing as I scored so poorly for the whole games. Maybe next time I should go with Eric or May and practice my bowling skills so that I will not loose so badly.. T.T

May Sze.

As soon as Edmund left the mall, I decided to go back as well in order to skip the traffic. Just as I was about to step onto the escalator, I spotted a familiar face passing by in front of me.

"Is that.. May Sze?"

In order to find out the truth, I followed the couple as fast as my heels could carry me before they stopped in an electronic shop. I dared not scream for her name yet before my mobile phone reaching her line. Too bad, I failed to connect to her handphone at that moment.

So, I had no choice but to walk into the shop, trying to approach her like a sale girl. If it is not her, then I will just ask, "Do you want any CurryEgg?". I was about 1 metre from her when she realized a stranger walking towards her.

Before I could say anything, she screamed, "KELLY?!! Is that you?"

And a long conversation was being carried out before we dismissed. You might be curious who May Sze is? Well, she is one of the nicest girl I ever know in Bukit Besar, Kulim during in National Service program. She was my dorm leader and we were very closed to each other in that 3 months.

We ate, we sang, we danced, we bathed, we joked and we cried together. Aaahhww.. what a sweet memory.

My National Service experience. Click here for more story.

We managed to snap a few pictures before we left. Thanks to my part-time job as a blogger. Why? Because we bring camera most of the time. Lol..

I shall wait for a few more surprises before my new semester begins. So, who next?