22 June 2009

Good In Outside, Bad In Inside

When you can see this post on your computer screen right now, it means that I am safe back home. It is always great to be home again after all those long hours of torching moment. Hot weather and long walks had spoiled my mood in enjoying my Hainan Island journey. Not to mention my carelessness of accidentally deleting half of my photo collection in my memory stick.

What a disaster!

I shall blamed no one as it was all my mistake for pressing the wrong button when I was browsing my photos in the bus. Right now, I am still trying to get a good software (suggested by my FB friends. Thanks!) in the hope of recovering some of those deleted photos. No one knows how bad I feel for losing half of the photos. No one, except me.

While I am trying to search for new data recovery software, here are some photos which were taken this morning while I was in a budget flight (AirAisa of course) from Haikou, China back to Malaysia. Fortunately, the day was clear with white cotton candies floating everywhere and I managed to capture a few fantastic photos above them.

Can you spot the river?

No matter how beautiful it was out there, no one knows what happen inside the plane. No one, but the flight passengers and ME.

P/s: I just heard that Swine flu is monopolizing Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur. About 42 cases if I am not wrong? Gee... That's really scary.

P/s/s: I should really quarantine myself for about a week in this case. Not going anyway but rest at home. Good idea?