06 June 2009

The Day When We Had Fun Together

It was about couple of weeks ago when May and I finally met after that big 'World War 3' between myself and my pens. Of course, I mean my final exam! Well, it was all over now. In fact, new semester is arriving and I have only a few more weeks of holiday to go. How sad.... uurrgghh....

Back to my story. Talking about May and I, we hadn't met for nearly 5 months although we stayed not far away from each other - except through calls, sms and MSN. How sad... Ever since we left secondary school, we hardly get the chance to meet each other. Twice a year?

I like this picture the most. Just, a little blur on May's image... :(

The chances of 'dating' is even lower ever since May starts working. Not to mention on her new relationship with her Mr. Right. Both of her work, family and relationship take up almost all her time. So, there is hardly any spare time for me.

Anyway, I am glad she managed to come over to my house and stay a night with me in my Curry house. Frankly, a day wasn't enough for our 'Pillow Talk' moment. Let alone the play and eating time. Lol.. Oh dear.. I have been longing for that moment for so long, even now. Thanks buddy for all your time and effort in spending time with me. Of course, thanks to Kevin too for being the loyal driver..


The happiest photo!

We managed to have a short walk in Midvalley during in the afternoon. Guess what, we did some shopping! Shopping with buddy is always the best event for a girly girl like me. One of the unexpected moment was... I met Joshlim (The founder of Adverlet) in front of the MPH bookstore. What a coincident. Haha.

Fun moment always passes fast. There is always 'hello' followed by 'goodbye'. The one day trip of hers ended so fast. Sigh.. I wonder when can I meet her again? I hope the bond of friendship between May and I will last - as long as I can taste the curry and eat the egg as long as I can see the sun and feel the moonlight.

"So Mamak, when can we meet again?"