09 December 2009

Break Up

I believe, there is no one on Earth who like reading the word ‘break up’ and obviously, I am one of them. I have goose bumps even by just looking the words. So, to discuss it here, you know how difficult it is to me (or to some of you who are reading). The reason is simple, it connects with our emotion and leads us into negative feelings like sad, upset, disappointed, depress, gloomy, angry and stress which is normal. Since break up means that having no intimate relationship with the person who we love in the coming future, it creates a hallow feeling in us.  As for me, it is just like a ‘full stop’ in the end of a story or a double lines on a piano score. Like how my ex threw the word on my face in the end of the relationship with a cold, bold “GAME OVER” phrase. Seriously, it hurts.




When hopes turn into disappointment and sadness, it dumps us into a dark world at the same time riding the ludicrous roller coaster of emotional – all alone. If one is lucky, he or she will have a bunch of loyal friends and caring family who will help him or her in facing the challenging moment. Or else, they will have to face it alone. I am lucky that I didn’t have to face my previous 2 break ups all by myself as I have my family and friends who always stand by me. I realize having supports both from myself and the others are important during recovery moment because there were times I felt so down and lost after ending a relationship.



Before I go any further, I would like to highlight that I am not facing ‘break up’ issue, but it is my buddies. It’s so happened that there are 2 friends of mine who are currently facing ‘break up’ and under recovery moment. Frankly, I didn’t expect this from them as I thought they were having a stable relationship which will turn to engagement and marriage. Never had I predicted that the ending will come… but trust me, you girls deserve someone better… *hugs*



J  called me last night and she had told me most of her story, about how the relationship failed, her disappointment towards her ex, the stress which she is currently facing and the unconditional support she received from her friends. Same things go to M who faced break up last week. I really felt for them and hope to be there, supporting whenever they need me. I hope a call and sms from me will cheer up their days, I really it can since it is hard for me to meet them. Girls, if you are reading this, you should know I care about you and love you always… *hugs and kisses*


Remembering the pain and disappointment which I used to face, I understand how they feel.  This is also a reason why I rarely blog my so called ‘love story’, about Eric and I. One of the reasons is because, I can’t imagine announcing, “I have a blessing relationship and this is the guy” in one fine morning, and in another day broke down and said, “The relationship has ended and forget that stupid bastard”. Besides the dramatic change in the story sharing, it also means that announcing ‘break up’ is much harder than the former one, not till one has recovered. Of course, I believe in my current relationship I will try as much as I can in maintaining it. I will still blog once in awhile about my relationship (since some of Eric’s friends have already complaint for not writing any about him.. lol.. the loyal spies of Eric.. =P)




Again I have gone too far from my discussion. Seriously, I can’t write self-reflection post as I will wander too far from the topic and write too long. I doubt I will end this post in another 2 hours… =_=


So, let us just ‘break up’ here. I mean for this post.

P/s: To those who are facing ‘break up’ currently or having difficulty in putting down a relationship, take your time and start reflecting on what you really want for yourself. Think of what you can do to treat yourself better like going to spa, buy yourself new clothes, pamper yourself with new haircut and etc. Or else, you can write to me. I am a good reader and listener..  =)