21 December 2009


You know, I always love Christmas.




Yes, like always and always and always. Well, I remembered I told you before. I love the Christmasy atmosphere. I can hear myself singing and see myself dancing along with Christmas song whenever I step into the shopping mall nowadays.



And same goes to Irene. Ok lar. Maybe she doesn’t sing nor dance. Psst… because she is too shy.. muahaha..


Just the other day, we went out to Midvalley and had dinner together. Well, did you read my previous post, Be Nasty, Like Real Nasty? If you did, you will know some parts of the story during in the meet up (btw, I don’t wanna be nasty because it is so not ME. So, don’t worry k?). 





Midvalley was super-marvelously-crowded that evening when I was there. Big crowds were spotted almost everywhere, especially in the Center Court where huge Christmas trees, castle and floating candles can be found. And guess what, I saw ‘Dumbeldore’!




Just a random question, which photos do you prefer?


Picture A


Picture B



I like the golden colour photos as it give me a very hopeful and warm feeling whereas the cold, blue photos creates a white Christmas and fantasy feeling.. Wow, see. Just change the setting in my camera and I can get 2 different type of feel.. :D





By just a short glance, I can immediately judge that it is based on Harry Potter theme, at the Great Hall, well if you know what I mean. Irene said the same thing too and I am pretty sure that I am right. I should have snapped the ‘Albus Dumbeldore’ when he was having a photo session with anyone on the main stage, with a few lovely fairies. Super chio man!


How I wish I can be in the Great Hall. Lol.. =P

irene4 copy


Harry Potter is my all-time-favorite fantasy story and I just so admire J.K.Rowling for her talent and her determination in writing such a marvelous collection of novels. If only if I can have 20% talent in writing.. ahhwww…. how wonderful. My blog may have higher traffic. Lol..




Anyway, back to my Eggie+Irene-Christmas= Eggiremas post. Irene is a real workaholic (well, maybe not that much recently). It is my pleasure to be able to meet her that day because it was seriously hard for me to meet her. Never had we met for Christmas because back in primary school, December is the time where students is granted with long school holiday. Same thing happened when both of us were in college and university. In fact, I am still in university now. Except Irene is the one who work now.



Love this shoot – especially because of the eye.


So, this our first Christmas date and surprisingly, both of us exchange Christmas gifts without much expectation that each of us will receive one. Whooaa… That is really scary, like.. telepathy. Seriously, does telepathy exist? I mean, does it really happen? Curious.


irene12 copy


By the way, I have got her a black and white flora paper bag with a small note book from Moof. I have always like Moof design as it is elegant and unique. Glad that she like my gift. And guess what, she got me this:




I really appreciate her for coming over and spent some times with me. It is something which I have been waiting for because I realize that it is not easy for both best friends to get in touch, other than phone call, sms and Facebook. I can’t imagine when both of us settle down and have family of our own. That will be even harder to meet up. So, I really appreciate my before-married-life. Lol.. who wouldn’t? =)



Looking forward for next meet up.


Ho Ho Ho…. I can’t wait for Christmas! Guess what, I will celebrate my Christmas at the East… Shhhhhhhhhhhh… Will reveal this soon.. ho ho ho.. :D