24 December 2009

The Coincident Cousins

If you haven’t realized anything about me, you might be surprise if I told you I am going off to my Christmas trip, very very soon! Like.. emm.. another few hours?





I just can’t wait for the trip since last night. I believe I am over excited that I woke up early this morning, like 7.30am? I have already packed my stuff and all I have to do now is to settle my thing online, blog a few more sentences and of course, to wish you all a ‘Merry Christmas’!


I can’t believe that I am going off for a Christmas trip, which is a real rare thing for me. The reason is because it cost higher for public holiday as well as school holiday and because of this, my family and I will rarely plan for a trip at this moment, if not going back to my hometown to visit my grandma.


Thus, this is clearly an extra-ordinary trip! Muaahahaha…


I am still thinking whether should I bring my laptop along to…. you-still-dunno-where place as I might be able to access the Internet if my uncle has rented rooms in the hotel with wi-fi services. But at the same time, I don’t want to waste my holiday just by facing in front of the laptop.


I believe I have spent a sufficient amount of time surfing the net. So, these 4 days trip should be use wisely, am I not right?


Plus, I don’t wanna burden myself with much luggage. Except if there is an ‘Ah Mat’ (servant or volunteer) who is willing to bring and take care of my stuff, I would definitely bring the bulky electronic device. Even the whole wardrobe if I want to. Lol.


My cousins, Ary and Alice are already here, staying a night at my house and they are still dreaming in their wonderlands (Alice in the wonderland? cool!).


I thought they are planning to wake up early to dive and swim at the pool, before facing the REAL SEA, wait.. or OCEAN? Whatever.


Sometimes I feel that the 3 of us are sharing some similarity whenever we go out. I remember, the very first time we went out together with Mac and Kevin to Penang Island, the 3 of us were wearing WHITE.




And yesterday (after 3 months from the date of the above picture), I realized we were wearing the same brand t-shirt: FILA. Crazy man! Plus, the 3 of us have changed our hairstyle. Lol… Yes for changes and no for aging k? :P





I have scheduled a post on Christmas, 25th December 2009 at 9am which I have blogged yesterday. I thought of posting it today but since I have an inspiration to blog about this, so it will be better to post it automatically tomorrow. At the same time, I want you to visit my blog during Christmas.. Cheeky me.. haha.. don’t care.. :D


Happy holiday everyone. Merry Christmas and may Santa comes to your house and place your ideal presents.. But first of all, be good first, ok? (hinting at Mac & Kevin who have to stayed home and not joining us….)