03 December 2009

I Cut Jor, You Leh?

Believe it or not, I have really cut jor.





I mean, my hair. It took me like 1 year to make this decision. Thanks to P1 Wimax for the bewitching advertisement. It had catalyzed my decision making process. Both of my parents and the Eric couldn’t leave me in peace. Not even the TV and radio. They kept on singing the song till it haunted me from day to night, and night to day and midnight to mid afternoon and mid afternoon to midnight...  Blame P1 Wimax… =_=




Although they have stopped, my brain is still playing with the song together with the image of a group of cute Malay children playing kompang….


“Potong, potong, potong. Potong, potong potong, Potong, potong saja lah……”


So, 7 days before today, I had finally made the decision to CHOP DOWN those so-called unnecessary hair. You might be surprise, why I took 1 year to make this decision? Well, I seriously like having long hair as I feel more girly and mature. Besides, long hair can have more hairstyle, isn’t it? You can make it curl, straight, tight all up into pony hair and etc. What about short hair? Nothing much I guess…


So, why short hair?

first4 copy First time at Code 6



The reasons are:


1) Hair damage

I could sense that my hair isn’t as healthy as before after being damaged by all type of chemical substances. I did perm for twice and it really destroyed my hair. No matter how much hair conditional, serum, mask and hair oil I applied, the result was still the same. Sad lar.. T.T


2) Hair Fall

I can never ever be able to bear with this. Hair loss is seriously something serious which need to be discussed seriously. What the egg. I can’t imagine having bald patch at young age. Not even at my mid-age. Oh No, no. Please no. My mum kept on frighten me with her genetic finding in the family. She explained she has hair fall problem, so does her sister and mother (my grandma). Then she mentioned about my dad and my uncles. All of them are facing this issue and I believe in her every word. Because recently, I spotted myself having a small bald patch which might as a result of stress and keeping excessive long hair. I saw it in video and photo (since I like self-portrait a lot) which then convincing me to cut my hair short. Prevention is better than cure. Yes?


3) Parents

As like what I have told you earlier, my parents and the boyfriend couldn’t stop persuading me to chop off my hair. Mum and dad were getting exasperated with my extremely long hair strands on the floors. Those floors with hairs had created an eye-sore to them. Thus, persuading me to cut my hair consistently. Hey. I am the one who sweep and mop the floor. I should be the first who get annoyed.. >.<


4) The boyfriend

He always tells me that he is bewitched by short hair girls (and I am still wondering why he picked me at first place? herm…). After watching my transformation from long straight hair-long curly hair-super long straight hair, he finally convinced me to try short hair. Well, his convincing power is quite successful because I have finally taken the move , which I have never thought that I will. Kudo to him.. =)


Again, the song :


“Potong, potong, potong. Potong, potong, potong, Potong, potong saja lah……”


Being a wise man, Eric took the opportunity, picked up the song and kept on singing while we were chatting on the whole or even while sms-ing… adoi..


One of the proof


5) ‘Fresh and White’ mood

Well, nothing to do with the white part but very much to the ‘fresh’ one. I had been keeping my hair for almost 4 years and seriously, I am getting tired of it. I need a change, a change which will intrigue me, or at least empower me. Since it is going to be 2010 and I have this intention to change myself – externally and internally. So, changing hair style is a good first move.



So…. Ta-da…..




This is my new bob hairstyle. Not going to show the front look, not till I get a good picture of it. Lol.. I need time to get use of my short hair again because, I feel so much like I am in the secondary school years.



Do you know what I call this? The naughty side of me. Why? Because the hair just couldn’t get straight and into shape – the right side. Been figuring way to solve this problem. Bad hair. Bad hair.


P/s: Mum just couldn’t let me to colour my hair because she is afraid of the chemical which might damage my hair. Sigh.. Thus, I tried applying natural henna leaves planted by grandma this afternoon which was made by her and guess what… it doesn’t work… =__=


P/P/s: Maybe I should try another few more times before jumping into the chemical product. Yeah.


P/P/P/s: Thanks Makiyo for the recommendation. Love you so much.. <3