07 December 2009

Boobs Good For Men But Not Women

This post is responded to TheStar article on Boob-Staring Good For Man and Kenwooi’s blog post on Boobs Are Good For Men! So, start hearing from a female blogger’s opinion, would you?

Anyway, do expect some collection of 18XL photos. Kids below 18 years-old, CurryEgg jie jie advice you to straight away click on my Christmas Post which will prevent you from getting boobs nightmare. Sorry for the inconveniency. Well, I believe you will still read this despite of being underage.. =P


Both Sin Chew Daily and China Press reported that a German research published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that men ogling at breasts for 10 minutes a day was equivalent to a 30-minute gym workout.

Sin Chew Daily reported yesterday that the team had spent five years researching 200 men.

Results showed that men who liked to stare at women’s breasts have lower blood pressure, suffer less cardiovascular disease and have slower heart beat.

The daily also quoted gerontologist Dr Karen Weatherby as saying that sexual desire ensured better blood circulation and led to better health. (5th Dec 2009)

News which extracted from Thestar : Link

I believe the news of ‘Boob-Staring Good For Man’ has spread like wildfire within a night where people start to discuss and share the so-called good news with their friends and family. Well, I believe it is a good news to most of the straight males in this planet but a nightmare to some of the females like me, if the finding is true. Why am I saying so?


Well just imagine, men stare boobs and get longevity while women’s boobs being stared get what oh? Oh I know, admiration. 


If you wanna know how straight men can get most from this 10-minutes-boobs-staring finding, read kenwooi’s post. He has done a good deed for the fellow men.. lol.

As for women’s nightmare, I am thinking of these:

#1 Losing the control over the boyfriend/spouse/husband

I don’t mean controlling men but I mean having no control over the love one’s interest. Imagine if this finding is true and the Ministry of Health approve the idea, men will start having the freedom to stare and admire strangers’ breasts even with the present of his girlfriend. That will totally shut woman’s down in which woman will never be able to voice out her dissatisfaction over her man’s behaviour as it is something ‘healthy’ and normal in leading to a healthy lifestyle. Well clever but NO. It shows disrespect to us, the women.


#2 Being treated as a Gym Machine

I remember years ago, I did blog about Sex Equal To Love in which in the end of the post, I emphasized that woman is not a sex machine. Same imply to this topic. Woman is not a gym machine neither although the sound of the word may sound better, gym machine if compare to sex machine.  Anyhow, I totally disagree with the statement: “ogling at breasts for 10 minutes a day was equivalent to a 30-minute gym workout”. Oohh.. Doesn’t it sounds like women is equivalence to gym machine?

long copy

#3  Small boobs, no job

Frankly, I don’t hope this will happen because I have small boobs and if the world is ruled only by the men (like in those ancient time), all I can say is… there will be no job for me. Imagine if the men really desperate for a clear visual of women’s cleavage to increase their life-span, who will they pick? Cup A or Cup G clerk?

Need I say more?


#4 Small boobs become poorer

Firstly, less job opportunity for the small breasts women (if man really being stereotype). Thus, some may heading to plastic surgery or special treatment in boosting up the boobs. Well, everyone knows that plastic surgery or special treatment don’t come cheaply. They can cost thousands to millions. Thus, women with small boobs may become poorer.

The desirable size for the man I believe?

Of course, having small breasts can still be as attractive as the big ones. It depends on how the viewer view the ‘fats’. And it also depends on how the female perspective herself – whether she accept or reject.

#5 Confusion in teaching the child

Being a mother is always the toughest job in the world. You have to educate the child correctly or else, you might spoil the kids. However, if the finding is true about the staring boobs thingy, how would a mother teaches her small son? Should she encourage him to learn woman’s breast during childhood or wait till he reaches his adolescence?


#6 Being stared

YES. If everyone is agreed that looking at boobs can help men in gaining their longevity, mates, be prepared to be stared whenever you are. Sorry, but it is stated in the rules that man is allow to stare (assuming that the law has approved this idea). Anyway don’t worry, they can never touch them because once touch, consider sold. What the egg.. XD


#7 Another confusion

If everyone in the world has accepted the idea of 10 minutes of breasts staring = 30 minutes of gym work out, what would you suggest the guy in this dialogue?

Anyway, assuming that you are the guy (in the above picture), which one will you prefer? I am just curious.. Yes. yes. Just curious.. :)

Choice A?

Choice B?


P/s: If the finding is real and most of you are picking the answer B, I doubt that Kennysia’s new Level Up Fitness might be at risk. Well, I just say IF.

The above 7 points are what my prediction and my personal opinion on what will happen if men staring at women’s breast give such a huge benefit to the men -lower blood pressure, suffer less cardiovascular disease and have slower heart beat. WILL IT REALLY ENCHANCE MEN’s LONGETIVITY? That’s what I am discussing. Not just boobs.


And Oh, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t blame the men for focusing at women’s boobs. It is something normal and it is in the chromosome XY. I mean it! I even stare at others ok. Oops..

“Oh by the way, I’m a good girl. I don’t see men chest. Coz if there are chests, I’ll close my eyes! Like this…” =)

I am good because I close my eyes completely. I don’t stare boobs. I only stare men’ tone up chests. 

Again, I  absolutely disagree with the result of the finding and suspecting it as a false one – a made up by someone who have enormous love towards boobs,  thus creating a false conclusion so that he (most probably he) and other fellow gentlemen will not be accused and jailed for staring boobs. This idea is supported with another following news that the related article is failed to be found from the journal’s website when a reporter was attempted to dig the proof out.


So? Does staring women’s breasts enhance men’s longetivity?


Your answer?

Or ask the monks.. =P