23 December 2009

How Can You Forget Me (comic)?

Actually, I should blog about something else but ended up playing with the pictures and design. I just so love the idea, though it is kinda silly. Haha.. Well, this is dedicated to those who understand the jokes and the person, personally. This is what they called, ‘private jokes’?




I don’t know. What I know is, I have spent sometimes editing and making this so-called How-can-you-forget-me story in chronological form using photos and graphic. If you have start smiling, giggling or at least smirking (any facial movement will do)… I would be more than happy to know. Or else, FORCE YOURSELF TO LAUGH… Lol..

So this is it.



During at JH’s Birthday Party….




And the birthday boy who doesn’t invite J (above) looks like this….







Ok lah. I know this isn’t funny. It is a cold joke. Just freeze and do nothing after reading this post. I believe you need this (especially the Asian) since the weather is hot and you definitely need this kind of post to chill you up – It’s December.. remember??? =P


Better off to bed before blogging about non-sense. lol.. nitez.. :)