06 December 2009

Want Presents?

You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I'm telling you why 
Curry Egg is coming to town
Curry Egg is coming to town 
Curry Egg is coming to town


Ho ho ho! Merry Curry-mas.


Can you see the presents which I have prepared for you? Yes, to you… BUT if only if you are good, behave and obedience to my requests. Why? I am the Santa Curry Egg, remember? To get present, you will have to praise my new hair, bride me with lotsa compliments , visit my blog often and leave hundreds of comments. Lol… Sound so wrong here but I mean it. Muahaha.. bribe me bribe me and I give you.. emm… a hug.. :D




Just forget on what I had mentioned earlier. But if you can’t then don’t force yourself. Lol.. what a lame sentence.




Ho ho ho!



It is Christmas again and I am so thrilled about it. December is always my favorite month after September (emm… my birthday month *hint*). Shopping malls is always full with Christmas decoration during December. There are Christmas trees, angels, candy houses, presents, jingle bells, santa and snowman creating the Christmasy atmosphere.



I love this colour.. :D


Next, you will see those big, bold, juicy words stating ‘SALES’ in every corner of the malls. HEY! SALES! I LOVE SALES and who don’t? Oh ya.. maybe the traditional GUYS don’t because they will be traumatize by the crazy-over-sales-expression from the girls. My dad is one of the good example. Puff.





Talking about sales, couple of days ago, I went with Eric, Jason, Steven and Alvin to Giordano ware-house sales at the noon hour. Jason told us that Giordano is doing sales in these few days and the price is starting from RM5! Of course, it is a good news for me since I love sales (again, who don’t? I can save some bucks for other gadgets). However, there was a freakily crazy big crowd at the shop lot, all hunting and grabbing for garments when I reached there. Not even a minute standing at the spot, both Eric and I suffocated by the excessive amount of Carbon Dioxide from the crowd and heat from the angry sun.


In the end, we gave up and went to somewhere better – Time Square for Twilight movie. Soon, we parted with Jason, Steven and Alvin and heading to the mall. I was excited with the thought of watching Twilight and looking for Christmas decoration. Sad to say that the Twilight Saga: New Moon movie isn’t as good as I expected. But then, I enjoy watching Jacob’s hot body!

He’s HAWTTTT!!!!





Please excuse me. But really..


He looks so gooooooooood, charming and mouth watering with his built-up body. Short hair and tan is definitely suit his hot look. Now I wonder, why I like  Edward that much in the first series and not him, Jacob? Emmm… Must be the lack-of-scene in showing his HAWTTTT BODY!! Even Eric agreed with me.... =P



Men are getting so jealous with Jacob now.


Men, Please Don’t DENY. I know you are JEALOUS.




Hey!  *waving*

Come back to my Christmasy story.. Enough with Jacob and now Curryegg… You can google more photos of him and save them in your desktop.. :D




After the movie, I requested to spend some times near the main stage where there are Christmas decoration. What else will I do if not photography moment? lol… Here are some best shots of mine with snowman, candy house and Christmas trees! I feel so aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~





christmass6      Snowman without left eye.. pity.. :(


Sometimes I do feel pity towards Eric in which he doesn’t just have to be a boyfriend but a photographer as well. I realize most of the female blogger’s boyfriend is doing this too. Lol.. Well, thanks my dear Eric. Without you, there will have no photos of me, jumping, laughing and acting stupidly in this blog.. :)




Thanks for being my long-term photographer although you don’t like the idea.  I really appreciate everything which you have done for me and for this relationship. I am grateful to have you and Muacks.. I Love you.. ;)