13 December 2009

NewsZapped & Bloggers!

It has been ages since my last attendance to blogging event. I haven’t been attending any till I received an invitation from Newszapped last Friday (4th December 2009) , attending a forum called ‘The Future Of Mobile & Web Convergence For Blogging Forum’. It was like a total new thing to me, meeting bloggers (although I used to do this before, a year ago) and listening talk regarding to the blogosphere and mobilesphere.




I should do this more frequently as it is so fun getting in touch with other bloggers. Seriously, I have turned myself into an inactive blogger since.. I don’t know. There is something else, other stuff which need more of my time and attention at the moment.  Thus, I have good reason to go and come back once in awhile, right? =)




Well, I didn’t wanna miss out this post about this forum with Newszapped, Maxis, Nokia and Nuffnang. For the very first time, I got the chance to listen to those communication and technology companies but unfortunately, Nuffnang speaker, Nicholas was not being able to turn up that day (thought that I can get more tips on how to earn effective pocket money for myself tim… sigh.. I need $$$).



Suresh is so in love with Nuffnang… <3


Basically, this forum is about introducing internet mobile to the users and allowing them to get a better scoop about the services provided by the companies. I believe we (especially the youngsters) do realize the growing number of internet mobile user, using their phone to surf the net and get connected with people around the world. That is how Nokia, Maxis and Newszapped work together, trying to meet the users’ needs.


Of course, I find this interesting as I am a real 24/7 internet users (except when I am under exam stress or vacation) and I used my phone to surf the internet, whenever there is free wi-fi (I can’t afford internet mobile service currently. I am a student, remember?) I am a real Facebook and Twitter addict if you know me well and will update myself whenever there is a chance. However, this forum will definitely be helpful if there are more information about offer on services and gadgets from Maxis and Nokia since most of the participants already know how to surf and use the mobile internet. Oh, I have forgotten. Not all because some of the audiences I realized they don’t know much about the internet, not to mention Twitter, Facebook and yada yada..


I heard a lady who sat behind me was whispering to her colleague next to her and asked, “What is it actually about internet and mobile? I don’t understand how it works”. And the answer from her colleague, “Neither I. I won’t attend if the company didn’t appoint me here”.


Seriously, I don’t blame them. They look like in their 30’s and it is normal for not knowing much about the internet. That’s why they are attending? However, this incident couldn’t stop me from having a false idea about the forum, that I was surrounded by no-internet-interest-adults. I felt like I was in a wrong place, till I saw them coming in to the air-conditioned hall.


@suresh89 @bboyrice @jonykt @kruel74 @curryegg @bryanlyt 


I know they are bloggers from far. Maybe because of the DSLR cameras and also I could spot Suresh in the black-shirt gang. Lol..



We got to ask as much questions as possible to the presenters, regarding to their company’s services after a brief presentation from each of them were carried out. One thing which is new to me, Newszapper. I have never heard of this website if I didn’t get an email from them. It is a mobile channel which take job like a ‘middle person’. They will help the Newszapper users to publish media files like message, photos and video clip into their Facebook, twitter or blog straight away from mobile phone. That is what I understand about this company.


DSC05468 Speaker from Newszapper

DSC05470 Speaker from Nokia

DSC05471 Speaker from Maxis


I haven’t tried the services provided by Newszapped yet. I guess, it doesn’t really attract me to try the services as I am happy with the channel where I am using to update my twitter and facebook currently from my phone. Well, Newszapper should work harder by providing more interesting and affordable services to the user in order to grab the attention.



Anyway, it was a good day as I managed to meet some bloggers. However, I still feel bad for not being able to snap pictures with a few more of them, including Clarrisa. Looking forward for next meeting… =)


DSC05475      I like the pictures on the wall. Wanna do one for myself.


P/s: It still surprised me that some of the bloggers still remember this name ‘curryegg’ in spite of my inactive attendance to blogging activities. That is why I am inspired to become a food blogger besides the encouragement from Maxis during in the forum. lol..

P/P/S; Thanks for remembering me and this blog.. ;)