13 March 2008

400 Sandwiches Sold Out (Yes!)

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I had my Hari Keusahawanan (Business Day?) yesterday.

Hardly opened the can? -_-

One word: Tired.
At 6 in the morning, I'd woke up and prepared myself to make sandwiches with my friends. Well, I was in charge in making the sandwiches. Cool? Since it was my first time making my own business, I was a bit nervous. Lol.... Curryegg was nervous?

Let's have a look at our stall....
The no 32 stall - The Sandwich Corner!

The decoration was done by my another business partner. Thank them for their work.. ;)
We made fresh sandwiches for our customers. So, as soon as we reached the stall which was 4km away, we started making sandwiches by putting on mask and plastic gloves for hygiene purposes.

See, how professional we were? ;D

We produced Tuna (spicy and non-spicy) and egg sandwiches. And hey! That was our logo. Nice? Haha...

My members. Thank them for doing such a great job.

Well, well, well... They were our first customer in the stall and hey! They were my roommate's course mates. I was jumping with excitement whenever there were customers. Huroooyy... thank you for coming.. ;)

At about 10am, my lecturer came to our stall giving some advices on how we can improve our business and at the same time, taking our attendance. Marks will be given on our work based on our strategy, promotion, creativity, decoration and team work. Sound tough? Yes.. It's tough for me. However...

He's our boss, our team leader.

I guess we managed to pass the test?

Other than our stalls, there are hundreds out there competing among each other for customers. Each group had their own attraction and strategies to attract their customers.

Decoration with colorful balloons.

Striking purple in color uniform
Selling sushi- special!
Attractive brand name...
and interesting costume... Real Hawaii.. Eiiih? Where are the coconuts? Lol..
Odd stuff- transparent hand phone sticker for the cover. RM35 each.
Cool!!! But it's kinda expensive for me.. :(

Ohh... real sunshine... Cute decoration..
3-D greeting cards. I bought one. They are really adorable and effortable!

Handmade friendship bands.. I know how to make this!

Stationary... ;)
Among all the stalls that I'd visited, this face drawing service had attracted my attention. RM7 for each drawing. Cheap isn't it? Usually, the charge will be higher like... RM10 and above.

Here was another stall that I enjoyed the most....

"Chu Cheong Fun" stall! Muahaha.... my favourite dishes. All I could tell is.. they came in different source and flavor. Unforgettable taste... ;)

Sample... good strategy.. ;D

Last but not least.. The Big Apple stall which located not far from ours. You might see the word Donut terror and it's true. They were really terrorizing us. All their 500 unit of dough-nuts were sold out within hours. Wow.. you might ask why? Haha... The BIg Apple dough-nuts wor.. sure habis lo... haha...

Honestly, it was difficult to compete for customers since the number of visitors were really small.. Help! No customers?

However, there were some interesting incidents happened during that no-customers-hour (before lunch hour).

1) First incident:

A girl ordered the boy to play the Chinese yo-yo far, far from her stall. (I guess so. Trying to read their body languages. Haha...)

2) Second incident:
Lion dance- bringing luck to the stall.
I guess, they were making money at the same time?
According to the Chinese, Lion dance will bring luck and prosperous to the place which it performes. Sad... it didn't come to our place.

3) Third incident:
The Ice-cream Paper Man!!!!

4) Fourth incident:

That was my senior?

Wasn't that hard to compete with those competitors. They were so creative in promoting their products. Let's back to square one- my stall.

In that whole afternoon, we tried our best selling as much sandwiches as we can. All of us were working really hard for our business. I feel so glad to be in this group. Touch~

At 5pm, all of our sandwiches were sold out and hurrroyyy! We succeed to sell everything before 7pm. 400 unit of sandwiches! Yessss! My biggest record. Lol.... Soon, we cleaned the place and packed everything before leaving the stall. Before that...it's time for photography session!

OMG... (-_-!!!)
Finally... big group photo. These are the Sandwich Corner's members.

Last but not least

Counting $$$$ time.... ;)

What else should I describe my feeling for my "Hari Keusahawanan"?
Yes.. I can think of one...