13 March 2008

Pajama Party At 4am!

After selling 400 sandwiches during Hari Keusahawanan in University Malaya, my friends and I thought that we could have a peaceful rest. Yes, we did have a peaceful and sweet sleep before that stupid incident took place.

Stupid incident?

Fire!!! Help!!!

The emergency alarm rang furiously in the middle of the night and thick smoke surrounded the whole residential area including my room!

What else could we do other than ran out from our room?
The place was dark and all I could hear was shouts and screams from my neighbors. My roommate was a bit nervous at first while me... changing from my sleeping custom into my jeans. Wow... Curryegg still managed to change her clothes before stepping out from the room? Haha...

Why? Because I know that 'stupid training' will take place at that night (I should call it morning- 3.45am!!!!). Thank to my friend for telling me the that there will be a fire drill practice at 12.30am. Lol....

What happened next?
The 3rd Residential College in University Malaya was having their Pajamas Party at 4am. Isn't that cool? We had our party earlier than Nuffnang which falls on tomorrow evening (15 March 2008).

And the 'best' part is.... we had our so-call party in the middle of the rain. Oh my God! We had our fire drill training under the rain? Ridiculous! Most of the girls were so annoyed when they realized that the scenario was created by the college. I guess, it was because everyone was so tired and need a good rest after the busy day on Hari Keusahawanan. They should be considerate with our situation.. :(

So, this was our Pajamas Party:

Annoyed and restless face..
Lucky that someone took along her umbrella...

Everyone was forced to gather at the compound although it was still raining.. pity... ;(
Well, could Nuffnang beat us? Better not... lol.. ;D

I realize that the firemen who came were the same people who gave the same practice in my faculty.. last year... click here to read the post.

Sigh... why them?

No matter how, the fire training continued and thanks to all the volunteers who took part in that practice... as we could got into our bed earlier.... 5.03am...

I'm so tire.... ;(