20 March 2008

My Dad's Chicken Chop Is The Best

Can your dad cook?
I know most daddies can't cook and even if they can cook, instant noodles (2 minutes-done), hard boil eggs, tuna sandwiches (from the can) and water will be their menu. What else did I left unmentioned?

Out of the blue, my dad is being categorized in the minority group- The good cook!!!
From this statement, it's obvious that my dad can cook more than just the instant noodles, or hard boil eggs, tuna sandwiches and water.

Some of you might keep blinking your eyes. I know I know, you're thinking that mother should be the one who cook. But wrong! Mother don't choose to cook. They're forced to cook! Why?

There should be several reasons behind this 'scene':

  1. Man doesn't know how to clean the kitchen- He may probably cook a great meal but will mess up the whole kitchen which need to be cleaned for a WEEK!
  2. Discrimination - Man still believes that he should be the one who work while his woman should take care of the house, including cooking.
  3. They don't know how to cook - no one taught them?
  4. They don't wanna learn - Some men's ego are so high. They don't wanna be look down by the society (which happened few decades ago, but not now ok?)
  5. Lazy - Em... this happen to my uncles.... oopss... How about you?

Whatever the reasons are, man still need to learn how to cook (including you my male readers.. hehe...) Why? Since we're in the new era, every gender is responsible to himself/herself and should learn all kind of skills. This is what we call- The survival skills.
After all, the best cook in the world are the men. Am I right?

Lance Vater
(The world's finest chefs recognise the world's best barramundi)

Chef Wan

Try to think this, what if your husband cook and manage the family? Of course, every female in this world will smile gracefully, nodded unstoppable with tears wetting the cheeks as a way to express the words, "Amitabha...."
I mean, "Please.....I need one".

I believe, building a healthy and lovely family is not easy and it needs both husband and wife to work it out. You might want the husband to work out there, exploring the world and bring the money back to support the family while the wife provide love by cleaning the house, cooking meals for the family, managing the bills at home and etc..etc... Or you can choose both work, both cook, both manage the kids and etc... It's depends on the 'family policy'. Yes. 'Family policy'. Lol...

However, I believe the latter point can strengthen the relationship between both husband and wife stronger if compare to the former one. Why? Because both share the same responsibility and experience. Thus, a better understanding between both husband and wife is improved over time.

Discussing about this issue whether man should cook or not doesn't show that my parents are the type of lovely-dovey-couple. They quarrel a lot! When I question why they keep on quarreling each day and let guess what's the answer?

"I love quarreling with him/her"... *Sweat*

Ok.. Fine. I guess, when we reach certain age and stage, the way we treat our spouse will be different. No more lovely-dovey environment but big WAR instead. Sigh... boring... :(

Mum vs Dad... WAR!!!

Hey! That's not my main topic for today. I should promote my dad's Chicken Chop! Unexpectedly, my dad is a good cook. However, he's not a chef but my grandpa was one before. I guess, my dad learned from my grandpa when he was still alive. I feel thankful to my dad for being able to the skills from grandpa since I'd never met my grandpa. I was not born yet. Although it's not 100% the same as my grandpa's chicken chop (this is what my dad told me), I'm grateful. At least, there are still..... 30-40%? haha....

I Miss my grandpa.. How I hope I can meet him.. even once?

Let me proudly present: My dad's Chicken Chop.

I know. The decoration is not as beautiful as Kenny Roger, or Madam Kwan, or San Fransisco Steak House or whatever... I don't mind! I swear! The taste is much much much... much much much... better than any restaurant in the world!

Reason: Because, it's cook by my dad.

I love you daddy... ;D