15 March 2008

The New Perodua Cooper *roll eyes*

"Girl, can you please find the Perodua Cooper photos for me from the website?", my dad asked me to do him a favour once I reached home from my hostel (yesterday night).

To my surprise, how did my dad know about the new Cooper from Perodua? And the amazing thing is... he knows where to get the information- via the internet.. *Applause*

You see, my dad is not a computer literate man but under the influence of Curryegg, he has changed and become one! Oohhh... I'm so proud.. ;D

So, I taught him and let him 'googling' himself and puff.... a numerous of websites appeared and he clicked this... (here)

Here is the result.
The latest Perodua Model named Cooper.

Isn't it beautiful?
Gorgeous! Oh my God! Can I have it? My dad was so excited once he saw these photos. I guess, his friend had told him about this Mini Cooper before. Oh well, when are they going to lunch this 65K Cooper? I couldn't wait the lunching day. The blogger has blogged about this like.... 9 months ago but still, there is no news about it.

Deep inside my heart, I wonder is this a real news or just a fake photoshop work? Is this the Perodua project? I've tried to surf the Perodua website and I saw nothing about this Cooper. Anyone has any idea about this?