28 March 2008

What You Should Know Before Having Baby

Before having any sexual intercourse with your love one, think twice for this question:

"What if unpredictable thing happen and I'm pregnant for the next 10 months?"

Do you want the baby?
Are you prepared for the possibility?
Or you choose abortion instead?


Well, this is not a post to stop you from having sex. Don't worry. It's a review on children. Lately, I'm doing my development psychology assignment and forcing myself to learn about children starting from infancy, childhood and adolescence. For sure, this course is interesting and I love reading it. They explain how children development biologically, physically, mentally and socially. To understand these, I've to read the whole book which is about 4cm thick. aiyoyo...

Anyway, it's fun to understand how we'd grown up and developed in becoming an adult. At the same time, this knowledge is useful in preparing yourself to have your own child (especially your first-born). Maybe it's too early for some of us to discuss about having baby since most of my readers are at the age range of 18-25 year old. However, there's no harm if we learn something new and earlier right? Give yourself a chance to understand about children.

They're so CUTE!!!!

If you're sensitive enough to your surrounding and can perceive thing from your observation, you might realize there are some children who are very active, socialize, intelligence and etc... while some children are very introvert, slow-learner and etc... Why? And why? And why?

Simple. The way they're being taught influence the way they behave, think and act. This shows that how important the role of the parents in teaching their child are. For example, parents who spend their time reading story books to their child tend to produce a smarter child in the future compare to parents who don't have time for their children. Generally, the ability to learn among the child is more effective at the age of 0-2 year old in which the scientist named it as the Critical Moment.

During critical moment, parents should spend more time with their kids and teach them because this is the time where children can learn effectively. Once you've missed the chance, bye-bye... Why? Because your child will miss the possibility in becoming another Einstein! Or Newton. Or Bill Gates!!!

Therefore, having a child is not easy. It's like a life-long investment and one should plan it wisely before making any moves. Well, make sure that you've a big bungalow, sport car, maids, jeweleries, and bla bla bla.... before having baby. We wanna give the best to our children, don't you think so?

So my dear readers, if you're thinking of having baby/babies in the future or already have one, two, three..... or dozen (wow), do provide yourself with some knowledge on parenting. Learn the way you should in order to treat your child correctly and effectively.

Stay tune for other issue on human development. Do drop me any comment if you've any suggestion on what you're interested to know and wish to discuss about in my blog. It's always fun to discuss, learn and share things together... ;D

Thank you~