11 March 2008

Come Come...Buy Sandwiches From Me!

Cham lor~
Curryegg will be very busy in these few days.
First of all, I've 2 assignments that need to be done and the dateline will be next week. Secondly, I've a big, BIG project tomorrow in University Malaya. I'm making my sandwich business with my other 22 business partners. Wow... Business partners. Muahaha....

Young entrepreneur just like me? Nah.... ;(

Thank to the Education minister for introducing us this interesting course : GXEX1412 ASAS PEMBUDAYAAN KEUSAHAWANAN. All of the local university students have to take this course in order to produce a business minded and with entrepreneur skills students. That's mean, Curryegg can be a business woman in the future if not a counselor. Lol....

The day for practical will fall on tomorrow.

There will be more than 250 stalls which run at the same times. Oh my God. That's mean we will have hundreds of competitors? Can we survive?

Anyone wanna come to our Sandwich Corner stall? Come and buy from us la... there will be Tuna sandwich and egg sandwich. I promise, it will be the yummiest and cheapest sandwich ever! Tell me if you're coming. Haha....

I believe, I will have a busy time tomorrow. I will blog about my Hari Keusahawanan after tomorrow. Must be a great experience. Lol....

Other than Hari Keusahawanan, I've 2 parties- CC Night and Pajama Party. Both are interesting party. The theme for CC night is "Old school" where everyone will be very school uniform. On the other hand, pajama party's theme is pajamas! Lol... isn't that interesting?

My favorite uniform.. How I wish I can wear it..

My form 5 moment during secondary school. Miss them a lot!

However, I will only choose one to go, and I'm going to Pajama party (as I've told you before).

Looks like the month of March will be a fantastic month to me. Will I?
Hopefully... Lol... ;D

Hey hey!
Buy Sandwich from me ah!

Date:12 March 2008
Time: 9am-4pm
Location: KPS- Perdana Siswa (It's opposite to the main library)