21 March 2008

Curryegg Being The Superwoman

If you realized on my Twitter few hours back, you might notice my message: "I'm going to Genting Highland.."

However, the journey turned out to be Bukit Tinggi. Ohh...hoh... Plan B.
It was indeed a very great journey. My father and I went into the rural area and had fun there. Of course, I couldn't stop myself from snapping photos. Lol...

Along the journey, I had come across with a group of dogs which obviously are a family.

3 puppies, mother and father...
Their mum was trying to escape from breast feeding.

Chasing all the way for their mum's milk...
pity... :(Still... they didn't wanna give up... @_@

At first, I thought the story will end here. Unexpectedly...

A pup fell into the drain... Deep, dirty, oily drain.. :(

One of the puppies fell into the deep drain and almost being washed away by the strong water. I was shocked of course. Witnessing the whole scene, I walked out from the car and look for the puppy. Oh my... what a poor little puppy. It was shivering.

I went down, hugged it tightly and returned it to the its mum (which was waiting beside the drain). Once again, the family meet again and will a live happily ever after life.. (I'm praying for them...)

Honestly, I feel really grateful and happy for being able to save a living thing. What happen if no one was there? The pup might die. I could feel its heart beats when I hugged out from the dirty drain. I knew it want to live. The way it struggled to escape from the deep, smelly drain had motivated me to save it right at that moment.

Looking at the way it struggled to live, I wonder why there are certain humans who willing to end their lives just by a fine cut on their hands, or eating hundreds of pills, or jump into the sea or sleep on the railway? Why a wild, skinny, pup can be so motivated to live, while certain Homo sapiens don't? I believe we're smarter than any other creatures on the earth, don't we?

Deep in my heart, the pup reminds me of my pet, Mandy (a chihuahua) which was dead several years ago. She was being knocked down by a motorcycle when she cross the road, alone. Sigh... I should have chained her properly. I will never forget her and thank you, Mandy for creating such a sweet memory with me when you're here, I miss you...