30 March 2007

Why Curryegg?

My ex-secondary-classmates

Do you feel weird with my blog title: curryegg.com?

Puzzling with the word curryegg?
To be honest, everybody is curious with this name, especially my friends. haha... Well, let me ask you some questions first, shall we?
What is the first thing that came to your mind when you read the word curryegg?
Egg in the curry?
Kari telur?
Kari kai tan?
Em... sounds like food right? You may think that curryegg might be a new dishes in Malaysia or my new invented food! Well, it's not true! It has nothing to do with food, neither egg nor curry. NO,no,no..

Haha... there's a big secret behind it and you wanna noe what? Psstt...top secret!
You are lucky because you can read my secret here, in blogger without charges... ^^

Well, it's a long story. YA...looooong... About 6 years ago when i was in form 2. I was a class monitor and I was quite serious. Anyway, i like to joke around with my new friends (we were relocated in a certain class based on our form1 result in exam,so there were some new friends) especially a gang of Chinese boys, sitting behind the class.
Well, they talked less at first and I felt relieved for that. I told myself, "Ahh...this class was good and I we can work the class together". I was a monitor too, a year before and the class was hardly managed at first.
We didn't know each other well and I hardly co-operated with them. Thankfully, everything was fine after several months and guess what. And, unexpectedly, we won the first prize for The CLEANEST CLASS AWARDS 2000!!!!
lolx... SOunds like Grammy Awards to me. haha... I still remembered the class name was 1 Ixora.

Honestly, I felt proud with the awards because it was our hard work. It was the 1 Ixora (2000) hard work and I won't forget it. We swept the floor,mopped the class,hang our artworks on the notice board and arranged the table. AND here is the FUNNIEST story of us. We were so wild in class. We shout, we screamed, we yelled most of the time...although i didnt allow my classmates to be so. It was hard to control them man! haha..

BUT....When the teacher in charged was coming..we knew exactly what to do. We pretended to be good, discipline and silent. Why we acted so? haha...cos the teacher in charged will give points to our class and those point will be accumulated till the end of the year. Being silent and discipline will be our extra bonus point. haha... How genius we were. Honestly, most of the teacher especially those that never teach us will be trapped by our mischievous ideas.

After the pride in 2000, I thought hey, this class might be my greatest class. Most of them were 'book worm'. I thought worm will not speak much right? The class had high standards of discipline that you couldn't imagine....., at first. Unfortunately, everything changed in a sudden. Things from good turned into bad...even worst.. (ooppss!)
#LESSON: Don't judge a book by its cover!!!!!!!

This class was talkative man! Even my assistant! (sorry ya Tatt..hehe...). I felt so lost to handle them since i was a serious and i was a perfectionist. I felt so stress with them. Seeing me so stressful, NST, my assistant finally advised me to be more relax and have more fun with them. "You will get wrinkles you know", he told me.
Of course, I've learned my lesson. I should have fun in my life not just being serious in every aspect of life. Being too serious will only make you moody all the time. thanks NST for the advise. I still remember it till now...

Ever since then, I started to joke and play around. I even chased those guys who were sitting behind my class whenever they hit my head from my back!!! EERrrrr...I really hate it cos hitting my head will make me more stupid... haiz... I couldn't count how much they had hit my head but all I notice now is.... I become more and more like an idiot! I cant think well!!! *sob sob*

Well, after being so close with them (Lum,Yong,Chean and Xiang) I thought I'll be treated properly, at least like a friend. However..it was so sad that I was given a name... a funny,ugly name.... As you may guess.. curryegg!!! Eiwww...!!! If i'm not mistaken, STC and KTY were the one who created this name to me. Thanks you guys for being so creative. They named it base on my name. It sounds almost like my name.

Bravo...and brava guys!

WHy? Cos i like this name now. haha....

That's why curryegg appear in this blog now. Thanks you guys again... :P