30 May 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

Seriously, I am losing words for this post.

You know right. When it comes to nice food, my curryegg's writing skill is at risk. I can't be a good photographer nor a writer. That's one of my weaknesses *oopss.. know you've found out*

No matter how hard I’ve tried to put all my feelings into words, still… I failed. So, I have decided to put this, another way round. I’m putting all my photos here to speak directly to you. Since, everyone believes that  ‘picture is worth a thousand words’, thus, I have no reason to reject my following actions.

Before that, this story begins from Nuffnang. I have found out that PizzaHut is organizing a blog competition, selecting the best 5 creative writing on their latest 'masterpiece' namely, the 'Fish King Pizza'. Yes. You can find fishes on the cheezily cheese pizza!

So, I thought of trying my lady luck for this competition as the 5 lucky winners can win RM2000 each. Oh my gosh! I can buy a netbook or a DSLR!

Well of course, you can do anything without taking the first move - visit one of the PizzaHut outlet and try their latest product. So, I did and had tried it. 100% real personal experience. Even Eric's too. Lol..

This is what I call, my happy moment.

Frankly, win or no win, I am being honest with you about this new dish. It is really worth to be tried at least 10th times - for the cripsy fishes, cheezy mozzarella cheese and reasonable price!

Now people, who wanna join me for the next Fish King trip?


The ugly truth that you shouldn't know much:

Sorry mama... I buy you another one next time k?

28 May 2010

Should I switch To Curryegg.Com?

Note: This is my critical moment. It involves both yours and mine future. Pay attention.


Some of you witness my blog’s growth from an infant to a child. I still remember all of my first batch readers who kept on visiting and leaving comments (I wonder are you still with me now?) during in my first year of blogging life. You watch me growing from no post to hundreds of posts, from a boring site turns into a more happening personal diary.




Well, this growth wouldn’t be a fun and exciting experience for me if without your presence: both my old and new readers.


So, before I decide to make a big change for this blog (probably), I think it is best that I can get your responses. I would love to hear from you because I feel that this is like a home for all of us.



*Humming Barney’s Song*

I love you, you love me.. we are happy family.. lol..



Of course, I know I own this blog and it makes sense that I have full authority over this whole blog thingy. However, I have slightly different opinion compare to other bloggers. I treat this place like a home to all of us- to everyone who enjoys reading curryegg’s blog as much as I do.


DSC01088 That’s me.


I think, you can get a better picture on how I view my readers in my reader’s affair post. Thus, I want you to get involve together with me for this blog’s future. This is important.



So here:


I am facing this dilemma whether to switch or connect my current curryegg.blogspot.com to curryegg.com. It takes me 6 months to do the planning. Well yes, I have already owned this domain, the dot com since last November. Thank to Joey Tong for his kindness. He bought me this curryegg.com domain as a gift for my birthday. Ahhwww… he is so nice. Thank a lot.


Note: blogspot.com is a sponsor blog whereas .com is a domain which you need yearly payment.


Well seriously, I think this is a real waste of time. I have lost my 6 months just for planning and do nothing at all for this website. Oh yes. I did a trial post on it. But that’s not what I want.



Since I am still having this dilemma whether:


1) to connect my current blog into this new domain (which will be exactly the same like the current blog)

2) run this curryegg.com as a new website (discussing different topics which will be time consuming)




I have decided to bring this up and discuss it together because I always believe that ‘more brains is better than 1’. Plus, I want to hear from you as I need your opinions, sharing or suggestions which will contribute to my final decision.




Do you think it is a good idea to have my own domain for curryegg territory? Or keep this current blog at blogspot.com and create a new website in curryegg.com? Maybe it will be used to discuss about curry spices, curry dishes, motivational or etc?



Tell me my dear readers! Tell me!



Thank you in advance.. <3

26 May 2010

Do You Have Gf?

I was standing in front of these 2 small kids while leading myself to the escalator, one in casual wear while another one in school uniform. From their physical appearance, I believe they should be at the age of 7-8.


They didn’t catch my attention till I overheard their conversation. Well, not purposely ok.



Kids A: Do you have girlfriends?

Kids B: Yes

Kids A: How many?

Kids B: I have 4.

Kids A: Are you sure you have girlfriend?

Kids B: hmmm mmm.. *I managed to catch a glimpse of this boy nodding*

Kids A: But 4 only?

Kids B: No. It’s actually 6.

Kids A: I have 8 *I could hear a slightly proud tone in his answer*

Kids B: Sorry. I remember wrongly. I have 8 too. *sound like a man ego to me*

Kids A: How do they look like? *started feeling suspicious over the answer*

Kids B: Oh.. I tell you. 1 is sexy, 1 is pretty and another one is masculine. She has muscles you know. Then…… *and the conversation continued*



I didn’t manage to listen to the whole conversation because soon, we were heading to different direction. Plus, a woman whom I believe is a mother to one of the kids (I don’t think the kids are siblings) finally voiced out, asking them to follow her, instead of leading.



Seriously, the conversation really caught my attention. Kids today, is so today. At young age, they speak like an adult. Also, they know ‘man talk’ already. Hmmmmmm.. I wonder who actually taught them? Sexy? and girlfriends?



If I have a chance, I would want to snap their pictures and put them here. Well, it is still unethical right? lol..


So, should we consider this as a funny issue or a serious one? Is this something normal that guys (despite of the differences of age) think and speak like this too? Enlighten me please especially the male readers. I need your opinion.


I call this, the male thing: Woman fantasy.

25 May 2010

First Day Of Being A Craft Teacher



I thought, there will be my live blogging post this morning as I was blogging from my phone. Well, I guess it is not working. Never the mind.


Today is my first day of work at a craft shop, teaching children how to make craft. It is the most interesting job I have ever worked on (second is being an art teacher). I am a part-timer, learning how the centre work, how to teach the child, how to deal with parents and how to improve my teaching skills.


It has been ages since I became a teacher for young children (exclude my nephews and niece. lol). It is tiring not because of the work, but the full attention one’s need to give to every children during in each sessions. Children at young age needs lot of attention, cares and guideline from the adults.


You might be wondering how long each session takes. Well, each session take 1 hour. I have to work averagely 7-8 hours. So, you do the maths.


During weekend, I have been informed that it will be crowded as you don’t even have time for a break or even for lunch because it is no-school-day. So, parents will bring their kids to the centre.


ckl A random photo of me. Worried that you might forget my face. lolx.


Well, I have taught a class with 10-15 total of children (or more? I have forgotten the exact total) with my cousins during in my aunt’s kidnergarden. It is just for 2 hours and I can feel the tiredness.


Anyway, I am willing to work and gain experience with my work, the people and the children. I don’t mind paying extra effort to work for this job because I know, this is a big move to reach my long-term goal.


I shall share more in my next post because my stomach is rumbling again. Time to get a quick maggie mee session (instant noodles). Hope that I will be allowed to take some photos. Wait, is it a good idea to let my colleagues know about my blog?


Emm.. maybe not now.

23 May 2010

My ‘Kampung’ Look

I just did a mini trip this evening, to one of the kampung (village) areas which is not far from my hometown.  The name of this place is Byram, Penang. This is another worth reading post because you are going to see a collection of wonderful photos which you might not get to see often. Of course, to those who are staying in the city for all his or hers life, this chance is valuable.



#1 Rumah papan Melayu


When you are reading the word, ‘Kampung’, what is the first picture in your mind that you will make? Trees? Vegetables? Wooden old houses? Bicycles on the roads? Cow’s dropping?


Believe it or not, those are the pictures I’d made before my parents sent me back to my hometown to have a long stay with my grandma for good. They wanted my teenager life to be there instead of the hectic town (I was staying in the city during in my childhood). Well, they have their own reasons which they believe is good for me. I guess, they are right. I get to experience both sides of the world – the fast-paced and slow-paced lifestyles.



#2 Kebun Baru


At first, I really don’t like this kampung place. Part of the reasons are because, this place is so ‘empty’. There are no shopping malls, no cafe, less restaurant, less cars and playground. Besides, most of the buildings and houses here are old (some I doubt they will fall one day if there is storm).


It took me months to fall in love with this place before I realize how beautiful the people, food and scenery are. My adoration to sky scrappers has been changed to large, shady trees; my love to fast food has changed to grandma’s homemade food (and any Penang food too!); my favorite transport which is car has been replaced by a medium size bicycle (or feet); and my admiration to people who speak well in American English accent is fairly shared with people who speaks Hokkien, Teo Chew and Mandarin. Ok lah, dan Bahasa Melayu Utara jugok.



#3 Like usual, you can spot mak cik sharing the latest hit in the area. I call this kepoh-ing. I bet they don’t have Facebook like us? =P


Ever since I have received the offer to further my study in the city, I have to readapt myself again with the life I used to have before. It is indeed a hard process because I have to get use with the exceeding amount of Carbon Monoxide and the ugly scenery everyday.



It is ugly because you can’t see all these….

(Bahasa Melayu revision time)



#4 Pondok dan buaian

kampung10#5 Rumah Papan & Batu Melayu


# 6 Jalan raya yang senyap.


      #7 Kanak-kanak bermain di tepi jalan.

kampung3 #8 Hijau dan biru.

#9 Langit dan awan.

#10 Langit sebelum malam.


    # 12 Langit dan pokok dahan kering – artistic, don’t you like this?



I am currently having my semester break at my hometown with my grandma. It is good to be here again. Whenever I am here, I feel myself being at home. I can just simply dress up myself with a torn t-shirt, short pants, slippers and make a pony tail, wandering around without much concern. I don’t care much on how others will see me (and I don’t think they give a damn on that).



#13 Rupa kampung saya (My kampung look).


As long as I feel comfortable and happy, well, why bother? Life is short. So, care what is really matter. Don’t you agree, babe?


Well, I think I should head to bed now. Tomorrow will be a busy day because it is grandma’s birthday party! Wait, is it right to use the word PARTY for a grandma? Well, she is still young tho. So, hell ya.


Good Sunday everyone =))

21 May 2010

The Kidnapping



I have been waiting so long for Youtube to eat this video clip up ( took me about 55 minutes). Well, it is worth it because I know everyone including Kee Aun and the culprits are waiting for this (lol).  Besides, I believe you will enjoy this ‘show’ as much as I do. You are not going to miss it, are you? *serious tone*


It took me 2 days and 1 night to make this thrilling show. Thought of waiting for the group photo from Ben. Well, it is ok. I just can’t wait to share this with you guys. So, you better click play and start loading it NOW!



Not going to review anything about it.

You just have to WATCH IT!



Secret mission: Use all your five senses (6 if you have extra) to understand this post.





P/s: This clip is not safe to be viewed at the office because shhh… *voice slow down* your boss will suspect you watching action or horror movie.


P/p/s: Comments are most appreciated so that I can experience from your perspective and also allow me to improve. thxuvelimuch.

19 May 2010

What If You Have To Stare At Them?

What happen when you have a good collection of photos which is related to food and you have no choice but stare at them? I mean, really staring?



*mouth watering*




If you are forced to see all these photos in the middle of the night (like me now), you might have to face the below issues:



  1. Insomnia – You can’t peacefully close your eyes and sleep without having a taste on it (it is 3.41am now and I still can’t sleep. damn)      
  2. Breathing problem– Because your mind has been disturbed and you’ve forgotten how to breath normally.   
  3. Heart attack – You can’t stop jumping and ranting, wanting to have it immediately. Next, you find yourself too stress that causes heart attract!
  4. Self-hate – You hate yourself even more for bumping into all these photos.
  5. Loss focus – I. don’t. know. what to. bl. og now.. *blank*





Well, I think I should sleep now. I should just shut down and stop drooling over for all these photos. Hate them so much.





*run to bed and cover myself under the blanket*

P/s: Thank to Mamak for treating me this wonderful meal at Sushi Zanmai. Love ya.. <3

P/p/s: Can I blame myself for taking such appetizing photos? Bad me.. =P

17 May 2010

I Hate Wikipedia Info On Camwhore.

Camwhoring is good for health.


Say ‘I’ if you agree.

Well, don’t pretend. I can read your mind. I know you are secretly agreeing with the above statement.. *grin*


In this era, when almost everyone can personally own a camera (or at least a webcam or a camera phone), who don’t play with this toy whenever there is a chance?  Who don’t want to capture the new, glittering fake eye lashes they have, or the new bob hairstyle they’ve just cut  or the best dress they’ve put on when the camera is easily available? When you realize beauty doesn’t last forever, cam-whoring has become part of the necessity.



Camwhore with your girlfriend, even better =)



And you know what? Even my 5 and 7 years-old-nephews were jumping and calling all over to capture some of their cheeky poses (luckily they are forbidden to own any electronic devices at this young age).





Now, tell me who don’t play with his or hers camera if there is a chance to do so?



Do you think that cam-whoring, self-potrait or self-photographed is something bad? Feeling sick when looking at people who obsessed with self-photographed at the restaurant? Can’t stand any longer with this histrionic traits?


If you find yourself nodding and saying ‘yes’ to almost every question above, I guess you are  most likely prone to the Wikipedia’s statements.



Wikipedia: Link



A camwhore (sometimes cam-whore, cam whore or cam-slut)[1] is an individual who performs sexual services on the Internet with webcam software in exchange for money or goods, usually by a fixed per minute fee or by encouraging viewers to purchase items on their wish lists or add to their online accounts.[2] While the label is usually considered derogatory and insulting,[3] it is also sometimes self-applied, occasionally in a self-deprecating manner.


The term "camwhore" is also used to refer to individuals who post pictures or videos of themselves on the Internet to gain attention. The term disparages those who post pictures of themselves at inappropriate times or places, and usually implies self-absorption. This second usage of the term, deriding vanity and histrionics, is overtaking the prior, more intuitive definition. It is usually synonymous with attention whore.






Honestly, I don’t agree with the above statements. First of all, they sounded so negative to me. For example, keywords like sexual services, derogatory, self-deprecating, self-absorption, histrionics and attention whore show no positive sign.



Wait. Attention whore??? Hello..



I feel like a pail of cold water pour on my body. Those adjectives are so unfriendly. So rude. I am a person who love self-photographed a lot. You know if you are my loyal readers. I don’t deny if I am being called as a mild histrionics person in this blog because everything here is about me. In fact, most of the personal blog show this trait too.




Again, who don’t when you have your own camera?


I wonder, are all this information provided in the wikipedia page over this ‘camwhore’ issue contributed by a group of different people? Or just an individual personal’s opinion? Is there any reliable and valid assessment being conducted over this matter? Are they sure that people who like camwhoring show self-absorption, histrionics or attention whore? Is there any research on this? Is it in the current DSM-IV-TR manual book?


If it is me, I wouldn’t jump into any conclusion without much evidences. No wonder the students are not allow to use information from the Wikipedia because it is unreliable.


Obviously, I don’t agree with the above statement because it sounds bias to me. Firstly, not everyone who do camwhore make business of their sexual parts. Also, this has become a trend and no one is sick or dying because of it right? Even celebrities are doing this in their Facebook or Myspace ok?


Miley cyrus.. well…



Next, not everyone want to gain attention. Some take it as a form of hobby, some wish to update their friends about his or hers latest activities. Some wish to capture the good moment of themselves which can be therapeutic at times.


curry1 First time feeling like a princess frog.


I remember that months ago, an article of a newspaper stated a therapist encouraged a low self-esteem patient who does not like herself to try self-photographed (cam-whore) herself. The therapist asked her to dress up nicely and snap good pictures of herself. Then, show them to her closest friends and families. Throughout the treatment, the patient slowly shows changes. She shows self-appreciation after that when she received positive comments from her dearest families and friends.



Well, I can see why this treatment is a success. It is mainly because you can see the beautiful part of yourself with proof in the hand when you capture them. It is different seeing yourself between mirror and photo. Next, you gain compliments from others when you post up great photos of yourself in your social networking websites which will boost up your confident. Don’t you think people who comment in facebook is greater than in real life? Think again.


So, does cam-whoring is an unhealthy activity? I don’t say there is no cons over this issue because I understand that every thing, every incident, ever issue, ever person there are pros and cons. There is yin, there is yang. What I am really affected is, the details in the Wikipedia page (since there are limited websites which is available in the internet) which is so bias. So unfair. If I take every word personally, I feel like I am a whore or a slut now.





Can’t anyone change the term cam-whore into something better? Like camtistic (cam+artistic), campeautic (cam+therapeutic), cammiegg (cam+eggi) or.. cammy? I don’t know. Anything but whore and slut.


It is irritating to read the description. *curled lips*


Anyway, it still does not stop me from being a poser. Why? Because, I am a natural poser since I was a kid. Well, I am not lying.




Ok lah.. laugh if you really want..



From the description in the Wikipedia page (you can find worse in encyclopediadramatica.com), I can picture that most people are being bias or steoreotype over this self-potrait activity which is my main concern here. Because of these negative views, that is how we can read such description in Wikipedia page.


Again, I Hate Wikipedia Over This Issue. Bias. End of story.