30 July 2008

My Very First Public Speaking

I couldn't believe that I've finally finished my public speaking in my class.

It was amazing because I did it without shivering or trembling (like I used to be few years back). Usually, when I am nervous, my brain will start losing the ability to form words while my hands will start shaking. I don't know why but I believe this will happen when your heart is beating too fast. Anyway, I'm not shaking this time...



I guess it's most probably because of the topic I picked- a topic which I'm so excited to share with others. It's regarding to the sign language. Yes. You read the write words.

Sign Language.

During in my semester break, I've signed up for a Sign Language course which is organized by RC Deaf Missions. Like what I've expected, the class was fun with out-going students and professional tutors. I never know that signing up for this class with change the way I perceive things.

I start to understand how they view the world as the silent word, how they express themselves without any doubts using their facial expression and the whole body, how they learn words, and how they make friends.

They have never look down on themselves because they know how much they can contribute to the society, just like us, the hearing people. Shouldn't we appreciate with whatever we have now and stop complaining for little tiny things?

Instead, work on your weakness and bring out the best of you like my tutors (who are deaf).

My tutors Loula and and Dino are great teachers.
They can teach very well and manage to bring joy into every classes although we were in silent world- no one was allow to talk nor make any noise during in the class. This will boost up our motivation in learning the sign faster than ever.

Besides, it will be a great opportunity to understand the world of the deaf. (Put yourself on others shoes if you wanna understand them).

Weeks and weeks passed by and now, I've completed my beginner class for sign language. Well, I shall not call myself as an expert now because there are thousands of signs which need to be mastered and right now, I just know hundreds of them. Anyway, I believe whatever I've learnt will definitely help in communicating with the deaf better in future.
Yes. I know I will.

At least, tipu-tipu sikit boleh lor.. kekekz...

I told the class about my own experience on my Sign Language course and ended the talk with a whole set of alphabet starting from A-Z using Sign Language. I couldn't imagine I had actually sing along my ABC song while doing the sign!!!

*Rolled eyes*

Oh ya. I wanna make an announcement here. There will be an event organized by RC Deaf Missions this Friday to Sunday starting from 10am-10pm in AMCORP Mall, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. To those who are interested to come, do feel free to visit us. There will be interesting programme such as the deaf drama performance, video presentation, and etc.

Besides, Curryegg will be there helping around and this should be your main reason to come and visit us?


This is my invitation card from RC Deaf Missions.

And I would love to share this card with all of you here. That's mean, you're being invited by Curryegg!

Come la...
come la...

Without you no fun la...


Date: 1-3 August 2008 (Friday to Sunday)
Time: 10a.m-10p.m
Avenue: AMCORP Mall, Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: curryegg87[at]gmail.com


Do let me know if you're going by leaving a message in my email box.

I shall prepare myself with more sign language before helping at the booth. Gosh! I've forgotten most of it!
Sei lor.... (die)

28 July 2008

A Gift For Diese's Nano Love

What is your reaction when you receive words as sweet as this from your blogger friend?

From Diese:

Why this? And why her?? CurryEgg recently lost someone who is very special to her and very close to her heart. I can understand all the emotions she’s been through then and now as I was in the same situation few years back. I really want her to have this so that she can store all her precious memories with her late grandmother in this super cool digital photo frame.

What will you say to her?
Something like this?

"You're so nice... how sweet... "

"How wonderful you're my lovely friend...."
"Ohh... Shut up! Hug me tight right now!" (too emotional)

".........................." (Losing your words)

This is my reaction:

Lately, Nuffnang is organizing a contest, called "Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest". Yeah, another contest from Nuffanng.

It might be just-another-contest from Nuffnang but it's not a just-another-contest for me. This will be my most meaningful contest post which I sincerely dedicating it to one of my friend in Malaysia.

After spending some hours looking for my best present to a lucky Nuffnanger, finally I've found my perfect present. Guess what? I've a present for you!


Diese, this is for your sincerity..

The iPod Nano 8GB - Silver!

Diese, this is for you. I've been thinking very hardly in these few days and finally I've found the best present for you - The iPod Nano 8GB. Thanks RealMart for sponsoring this competition. It gives me the chance to send my care and love to my friend.

(P/S: The price for the products in RealMart is reasonable. Besides, you can redeem your Real Rewards point in your every purchase. Cool! Better than e-Bay)

Mum always reminds me that I should give something which I love to the person as a present. Never gives anything that you hate or dislike to the person. That's why, I'm going to give her a iPod Nano 8GB which I've been wanting for so long. I hope she loves music?

Ever since I was a kids, music has been a part of my life and no matter where I am, my right brain will start playing the music (rock, pop, country, jazz and etc) while my hands will clap and the feet will tap on the floor. If I'm in an ecstatic mood, you will hear me singing and dancing in the bathroom... That's when my mum will start shouting at the door, asking me to stop all the irritating noise..

"Mum... my voice is sweet la..."


I always believe that music is a good therapy for easing the mind and relaxing the body. Whenever you're angry or emotional, picking songs from Avril Lavigne or Britney Spears, can help you shouting and screaming.
On the other hand, if you feel so much of love, songs from KennyG and Mariah Carey can improve the atmosphere.

This is my babey which has been accompanying me for years- My 512MB Creative MP3. Ohh... I'm I'm loving it!

Sometimes, the quite library is too boring for me, so I need a mp3 to keep me awake and energize.

And this is my little helper...

My little babey... :)

Thank you for keeping me awake in the cold, quiet library. Or else.....

Knowing that music play such an important role, Diese, you deserve this iPod Nano 8GB which worth for RM769.00...

It will be my friendship gift, may I?

Special Notes to:

* Thanks again, Diese - for the lovely idea
* Thanks Nuffnang - for organizing this contest
* Thanks RealMart - for sponsoring this contest

You guys make my day brighter.

Diese, wanna meet up and have tea in AutoCity? Hehe.... WAit! Are you from Penang?

Bad Luck


Finally my blogger.com is working. I was so frustrated for the past few hours. My server was down which couldn't blog nor edit my post.

Worse, I'd blogged and published the latest post yesterday night but unexpectedly, nothing has been posted up. And guess what? I lost the post and it's gone forever! Forever and ever!!! EEeerrrrrr!!!

All my emotion, feeling, love and point are all gone. Sobb..
That's mean I've to rewrite and republish it again. Blogger. What happen to you? Is there any bugs here? Kill them!

Is that my bad luck?

There are so much things I wanted to share here but sigh... everything was gone. Now, I've to keep myself calm and restructure my points again.


25 July 2008

My Cool Trip With Manchester United Plane!

Riding on a plane with my dad's favorite football team was such a great experience.
It has been a life-time target and finally, my dad's dream has been fulfilled. Congratulation dad. You've made it!

We got the Manchester United Plane.

And so am I!
I've met my dream lover and he had accompanied me along the journey to Macau. Ohhhh... How can I miss posting this post as my first Macau post? Slap myself.
Cristiano Ronaldo, I'm sorry.. sob..

Is he wearing braces?

It was my first time riding on an AirAsia Plane. Not bad. It's far more better than what I expected - clean, comfortable and good air-conditioning!
Besides, the air stewards are hot!!!
Just... a bit too much make-up? Lol..

I believe some of you might have heard a lot about the AirAsia, both complaint and compliment. Well, there is nothing for me to complain about because AirAsia is a low cost airline, so why should I? But hey! Now I remember! I do have complain!

The food isn't worth for its price. They are expensive yet the taste isn't yummy at all. Ok la. Maybe the hard-boil egg taste nice (because it's my favourite!)
I remembered Kennysia blog about this before, about the Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak. I've tasted it and it's true. The taste and the presentation aren't worth for RM8 per pack.

My dad's meal
(Nasi Lemak Pedas wor...)

I can get this for RM3.00 with few slices of green cucumber and fleshy curry chicken. Well, of course, you can't get this kind of price in the airline. But at least, make the 'Nasi Lemak' taste better. I heard AirAsia is trying to improve their food quality. That will be great.

This was my lunch:

1901 Hotdog - Food for friendship (I love this slogan)

You can find 1901 Hotdog in any GSC cinemas (Malaysia). However, I never try it until I was in the aircraft! Lol..

Here are the mayonnaise, pepper, tomato source, and....

Uhh? What's this? I've never come across with this green-colour-sour stuff. Is this some kind of vegetable? Sorry to say that, I'm not a Western and I've no idea on what is this.

Anyway, it taste great!

I had never regretted on ordering this 1901 hot dog package because it helped improving my creativity on art. How? This is it:

How To Improve Your Creativity With Your Hot Dog Meal:

1) Unwrapped your food and put it in position like this.

2) Next, start messing up your bread with all the ingredients provided in the package like this.


This is such a cold joke. Well, they did teach us on how to decorate your hot dog into a more attractive look.

Look at the differences. Mine looks better?

Yes? No?
*Threatening tone*

At the end of the paper... "ENJOY!!!"

Yes. Of course I will enjoy my RM7 1901 Hotdog. Not a drop of mayonnaise will be wasted, that's for sure!

If you're still hungry and need more food to feed your hungry stomach, don't worry. You still can make your order. Here are their menu.

Wow... AirAsia Menu Book

Once I browse through their menu book, I've lost my appetite. Not because of the food, but it's because of the price. I will never take a curry bow instant noodle for RM7 (which is same with my 1901 hotdog price)

Or Vegetarian Noodles (RM6) and Fried Onion Chicken Noodles (RM6).

And the mineral water cost RM5 per 500ml bottle.
As my suggestion, take this combo meal next time if you're on the AirAsia aircraft. It's slightly cheaper.

The food are expensive but the price for T-shirt is OK for me.

So, I bought a Red Manchester United T-shit (RM 39) for my dad for Father's Day. He loves it a lot! Glad to hear that.. ;)

Sitting on the aircraft for nearly 4 hours were threatening. I remembered how my legs were numb and my backbone was in pain. I was sitting at the escape door and that made my seat special - I couldn't push my chair down like the others. Sigh...

Anyway, I am good at entertaining myself boredom is on the air. I'd actively capturing photos all the way on the plane. Guess what, I've a good collection of the 'heaven' photos with me right now.

And look at this!
(click on the photo to enlarge it)

There were crystal ice on my window! Whuoooo!
Feel like winter? Hahaha...

Merry Xmas everyone!

24 July 2008

New Layout, Yahoooo!!!

Hello my dear reader,

I am in my coursemate's room, waiting for my evening class later. Sigh.. It's so torchering. I am so sleepy yet my mind insisted my body to blog, at least for few words here. From this table, I could see my friend sleeping so enjoyably. Ahhwwww.....

Nevermind, I will join her soon.

Just, I'm too excited to share my joy here. I believe most of you have realized that I've changed my blog layout from 2 column into 3 column (How silly am I asking this question? Uhh!) The most impressive stuff I love the most from this blog template is that I can get a new tab (on the top of this blog) for my blog!


Finally I can get one. Besides, this template is with 3 columns in which I can place my widgets creatively in any corner. It will be more organize and clean.

However, the post column is kinda small compare with my previous template. As a result, the contents have to be squeezed up, and it will be harder to be read. Sob... sad... nothing is perfect right?

Nevermind, I will keep on using this template until I spot another template. I hope you like my template (and thanks to those who left a comment regarding to my blog template earlier).

What do you think about this?
Do you feel it's better than my previous template?
Or any suggestion you have here?

I want to hear from you, so do leave a comment in my egg box... :)

23 July 2008

Thank Diese For The Nuffnang Gift

I've a note for my friend, Diese.

I wanna say a big "Thank You" to her for being so lovely, thoughtful and sweet. If you're a Nuffnanger, you will notice the RealMart competition - The Nuffnang Gift Ideals Contest. What you have to do is to assume yourself for being one of the lucky 3 winners and pick a gift from the RealMart in which you want your friend (a Nuffnanger) to have.

Unexpectedly, I've been 'nominated' for a gift - a digital photo frame by Diese. Thank you dear for being so nice and generous. And look at what did she write:

From Diese:

Why this? And why her?? CurryEgg recently lost someone who is very special to her and very close to her heart. I can understand all the emotions she’s been through then and now as I was in the same situation few years back. I really want her to have this so that she can store all her precious memories with her late grandmother in this super cool digital photo frame.


I'm really touched. Yes, really.
I know there are many people who care about me and motivating me all the time. Thanks my friends. I don't wanna make anybody worry for me, that's for sure. I'm fine here and don't worry about me ya? I'm still the energetic, hot curryegg! HAha....


I guess, I should participate in this contest as well. Let me start reading seriously on the terms and condition in the Nuffnang website now. Yeah.

21 July 2008

The Power Of Kim Gary's Thick Toast

Sometimes, I'm glad to own a digital camera (although it's kinda old right now. Well, I don't mind). It helps me in refreshing my memories about those places which I've been to, my long lost friends, meaningful events and last but not least - the taste of my favourite food.

I shall say, they come in handy especially tonight- when I'm so hungry and about to eat 2 KFC X-Meal!!


As I was browsing my photo album in my hard disk, I realized that I'd taken some pictures on my brunch in Kim Gary restaurant, Mid Valley some weeks ago. Looking at those pictures have activated my salivary gland. I'm drooling now! Gosh!!!
The worse part is, my stomach is drumming, asking me to eat in the middle of the night.

"Hey! Stop drumming my little stomach. I'm not going to feed you until tomorrow!"

Gosh! I'm so cruel.. sigh... what should I do? I'm too lazy to cook the instant noodle nor making myself a hot cup of milo right now. I prefer going to bed with my empty stomach. Lol...

Nevermind, I shall share my pictures here.
My mission is to tempt you and make you hungry in the middle of the night (or morning)


I love eating in Kim Gary whenever I get the chance. Firstly, I like their food. Secondly, I like their presentation. Besides, the service is good (so far). However, I don't really enjoy the environment - kinda crowded and less space for moving.

Anyway, let me introduce you my favourite meal for brunch in Kim Gary.

The Sweetened Condensed Milk and Peanut Butter Thick Toast

The toasted egg + ham sandwiches

The Ice Lemon Tea
And The "Teh Tarik"

Ohhh my...
Isn't that delicious? Beautiful!

Take a closer look at them....

I wonder, why I love "The Sweetened Condensed Milk and Peanut Butter Thick Toast" so much!!!!! Honestly, it's too thick for my mouth and kinda sticky.

I guess, it's because of, I love peanut butter jam! yeah...
I love peanut!

Hoe Sek! Hoe Sek!
Ho Chiak Ho Chiak!
Sapadia!! (Tamil?)

And oh my... Look at the toast!!! Can I bite them now?
*Biting my fingers*

Besides the meals, I'm interested with this 'Feedback' form. Why? Well... I like this guy.. he's my favourite Hong Kong artist. His name is Bosco. Lol...
Psst.... can I take this back?

So, did I manage to make you hungry?

Do say 'yes' because if you say 'no', I know you're lying!
Bleekkk.... :P