29 May 2009

What Do You Think On My New Layout?

Recently, I have been wanting something new so much. Such much that I can't even believe myself. A new hairstyle, a new wardrobe, a new collection of book, a new keyboard, a new room and a new blog skin. This sudden drive makes me feel like Chinese New Year in which everything must be NEW!


I really don't know why. It is like a drive which I can't resist.
I have pondered whether to change or not to change my blog skin for weeks because I love the banner so, so much. Well, it is obvious that my drive won over my rationality as you can see, new skin has been putting up. No more striking Curryegg's banner with three column layout. Instead, a simple purple blog banner with two column layout (with footer!) is used. I like this layout is mainly because of its simplicity, wider width for blog post content, widgets column at the footer (at the bottom of the blog) and open comment box.

I know that a blog can only be heard if only if the content is worth reading, and not the sidebars. I want to focus on my writing and photos. Thus, this time I turned my blog into a two column blog - just like before. Besides, I feel more organized by this way.

About the banner, I guess I will try to design one or use back the old one which is designed by Lun, a friend of mine. I really appreciate his work and I seriously like the banner so much. Just, this layout doesn't fit and suit the big size banner.

I shall work on the html code again once I have recovered from the html sickness.. You can't imagine how hard I have been working on the code in these few weeks. I have tried to re-edit those code and adding some stuff into this layout before it is being uploaded into this blog. Since I am not an IT, Graphic Designing or Computer Science student, it takes me a longer time to learn everything. Thanks to my 7 weeks holiday. I can spend more time in front of my computer. Lol..

Anyway, I am not sure will I change this layout again. It might depends on my so-called 'drive' again. Before that, I would like to hear your opinion about this layout and comment system. I have decided to use Intense Debate in managing my comment system finally. I remembered I have registered myself with Intense Debate for nearly a year after seeing it in Aronil's blog. However, I didn't use till now.

So my dear readers, do let me know your opinion by completing the poll at my sidebar (on your left) or leave your comment in this comment box. Your comment is most valuable to me because you are my readers.. You mean a lot to me..


26 May 2009

Firefly Watching And Octopus Adventuring In Nibong Tebal

I have blogged quite a number of travel posts in these 2 years especially about Malaysia. However, the idea of writing for my hometown, Nibong Tebal (Penang, Malaysia) has never come across my mind. Not till recently, when my wish to walk around the firefly watching area finally be granted by Sze Ling, an old friend of mine drove me there after a short meet up in a laksa stall.

It too me 3 years to reach this place! What a shame I must say because you can't imagine how near my house actually is. Well, I can probably cycle there if I want to because the distance from my house isn't that far. Just... I am too pampered ever since I have stepped into my 20's.

Emm... not old OK. I am just, lazy... What a good excuse.

Anyway, I was there finally and of course, I had equipped myself with my Pinkeggie (my camera). A number of photos were taken besides this river, called Sungai Kerian. Surprisingly, Nibong Tebal looks beautiful at this particular hour and spot. Unlike on the other side of this small, Chinese town which is crowded with shops, houses and factories.

So yes. It is true that Nibong Tebal firefly watching activity has become one of the tourist spot in Penang and it attracts a good number of tourists ever since it was being promoted by YB Tan Cheng Liang on 22nd March 2006. There will be firefly watching and octopus adventuring at this area.


Location: Jetty Pasar Lama, Nibong Tebal.

Boat service: 7pm - 11pm

Rate for Firefly Watching (Up Stream)
Adult: RM12/pax Child: RM8/pax
Charter Boat: RM100/boat (Max. 15 persons/boat)

Rate for Firefly Watching (Down Stream)
Adult: RM15/pax Child: RM9/pax
Charter Boat: RM120/boat (Max. 15 persons per boat)

Important Contacts:

Majis Pembangunan Eco-Pelancongan,
3711 (Tingkat 1), Jln Ooi Kar Seng, Taman Sri Maju,
14300 Nibong Tebal, Seberang Perai Selatan,
Pulau Pinang.
H/P: 012-4742749, 012-5554873, 012-4515062, 012-4753320

Mesra Adventure,
Jetty Pasar Lama,
Nibong Tebal,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
Tel: 012-5554873 (Tan Chin Hock), 019-4780382, 012-4515062
Website: www.amazingplanner.com.my

Pejabat Perhutanan Negeri Pulau Pinang
Tingkat 20, Menara KOMTAR
10300 Pulau Pinang.
Tel :04-6505250, 04-262 5272
Fax: 04-2636335
Email : jabatan@sukpp.gov.my

Pejabat Renjer Hutan Lipur Nibong Tebal,
Seberang Perai Selatan
14300 Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang
Tel: 604-5932877
(UP Ranger Azman 013-4213559)

View Larger Map

I will probably make a plan in the morning for octopus adventuring while another plan in the evening for firefly watching. These two activities are carried out in different time, that's what I heard.

The symbol of Nibong Tebal.

So far, I had been to Kuala Selangor for firefly watching. Believe me, it was intriguing. The twinkle twikle lights from the fireflies were beautiful especially during mating season. They occupied almost every tree at the riverbank. As a result, the trees along Kuala Selangor River (Sungai Kuala Selangor) look like Christmas trees!

As for firefly watching in Sungai Kerian, well I am not sure. I should really check it out.

Now, I am wondering how will an octopus adventuring look like? Will I have to dive into the water to meet the octopus? Or, will I have to walk on the mud? I am curious.

I wonder how will the octopus look like?
Will they be gigantic octopus like in the movie?

Or will it be the baby octopus like in the Sushi King?
Chuka Lidako?

If it is the baby octopus, I shall bring fire and pan along and make my own picnic. Wait, maybe I cooking pot is better. Make it steamboat style!

Yum yum~


Photo courtesy:

25 May 2009

Be Creative With Your Sanitary Pad!

What will you do with your own sanitary pad?

Will you wrap it with colourful papers?
Will you put in a nice, sweet bag?
Will you decorate it?
Or just do nothing with it?

These questions have never come across my mind. Never.

Seriously, I have never thought of being creative with my own sanitary pads. Not even the idea of decorating them until I saw one. I was in my friend's sister's room couple of days ago and my eyes immediately spotted this thin object, lying matter-of-factly on the floor. Like it should be there.

No one ever thought that it is a woman sanitary towel till you are close enough to examine it. Well, I was being fooled at first sight. I thought it was a notepad. Lol..

I believe my friend's sister is a creative person, don't you think so? Maybe she should start putting beads or coloring the pad in her next project. Lol.

"Expend your creativity
" and I guess this is what it means.

23 May 2009

The Lovely Dovey Secondary Artworks

It is good to be in touch with Art again after that long long break from Dr.D's class. Well, it has only be 3 weeks and I felt like 3 months. How I hope I can be in her class again in next semester or next next semester, or next next next semester. As long as I will have the chance to be with her again, I am happy. (Hmmm... Why do I feel so wrong with this sentence?)

But, sigh. I guess the possibility is low as she already told us that she can't be with us, again. Of course, if only if her application is accepted by the department. So, why not just pray hard and wish for something positive?

Talking about Art, it has reminded me about my secondary artwork. I used to have art classes back in my secondary school when it is a compulsory subject for every lower secondary students in Malaysia (even till now). Knowing that I loved Art so much, my parents allowed me to enroll in extra art classes, out from the school.

Because of their support, I managed to get a good art teacher who encouraged me to emphasize on watercolour work. He knows I love watercolour so much - which is true.

My best artwork. I love this kingfisher so so much.

I love drawing scenery, like this:

Other than watercolour artwork, I like sketching using only pencils and eraser. Emm.... something like this? Haha...

I love this a lot. How cute and lovely.

However, I hate the idea of an artwork being rated with marks or even grade as I believe that artwork shouldn't be rated based on the viewer's perspective but be understood and respected. In this case, the meaning of the art and the creator's hardwork should be taken account. No matter how good or bad a work might be, it shouldn't be graded as every art shows its own meaning and uniqueness.

It is good to look on those drawings again after being kept in the cupboard for years. Sweet memory was dancing around my mind while I examined every piece of my work. I am glad they still look good. Now I feel like producing more.


P/s: There should be more drawings in my collection if only if my school art teacher returns them to me after the scanning for school magazine. Urrggg...

21 May 2009

2 Thick Harry Potter

When my best friend asked, "What are you doing lately?" via sms few days ago, how I wish to answer her, "Being a pig, eat and sleep". Well, I didn't. In fact, I typed and replied, "Reading Harry Potter" because that sound much better. Right? Haha..

Anyway, I'm really reading them in my grandma's room right now after that long nap. Oops, now I really sound like a pig. Well, it's good to get back my old, dusty novels after being isolated for years in this room.

Frankly, I never finished neither of them since they are thicker than my Oxford English Dictionary and Kamus Dewan. So, I rather watched the movies. However, having these 2 months of holiday, I'm determined to finish at least one. Emm.. I wonder, can I? 

P/s: So May, I'm really reading.. Lol.. =P

20 May 2009

Have I Lost My Voice In The Blogosphere?

Sometimes I do wonder, have I really lost my voice in the blogosphere?

The voice which used to be so strong and entertaining with all sort of funny yet sincere personal points of view in the past 2 years. Well, I don’t know but I am eager to find out.

I had been sitting in a corner for few hours, thinking hard and examining every spot of possibilities. Am I really facing this problem? Curryegg has no more voice even for her own site? That’s not true. What a ridiculous statement. I have to deny in order to protect myself from all sort of emotional attacks. I will agree to no one, not even myself for this demotivating statement. Yes, no one.

Anyway, I don’t think denial will help me in gaining my voice back. It will just stop me from growing. Avoiding myself from facing the reality wouldn’t help and I know it. Therefore, I am determined to investigate the factors and ways in returning my own stand back. Yeah.

I do slightly agree that I had minimized my volume ever since in the beginning of the Ox year. I hardly get something to shout out as my main concentration wasn’t in blogging.

Maybe you might be curious what the heck am I talking about as my blog is still running like ever before. Well, maybe the only differences is the lack of daily post if compare to before. I remember how busy I was in every morning and night, preparing with all kind of photos and information which I believe will entertain me as well as my readers.

Posts like love post, Psychology post, IT post, travel post and food post are my main pick. Wait, of course post about my personal life too. There is nothing as great as sharing something which will benefit or cheer others up or both. At the same time, I received good comments from my readers too.

However, it doesn’t seem to happen recently. Ever since my 4th semester has started, I realized how busy I was. I started to get serious with my academic as I don’t want to be haunted by poor academic performance. At the same time, I am slowly deactivating myself in the blogosphere. As you might notice, I rarely update my blog and those posts which I had updated are regarding to me and my student life. There is hardly any blogging event post this year, unlike in my previous year. I was an active Nuffnanger back in 2008.

Of course, I do miss those days and I wish to activate my blogger life – be a free speech writer again! Iya.

So, the statement on Curryegg is losing her voice in the blogosphere?
I think I should just kick that off and do whatever I feel like doing right now. Why? Because history can’t hold me back. I am moving forward and I have good feeling that my voice will return.

Who knows, it might be even stronger? Haha.. Well, we shall see then.

16 May 2009

How Far Do You Know CurryEgg?

Seriously, how far do you know about me?

I am kinda curious lately. The level of my curiosity shoot up like Appolo 13 ever since Yee Yang, a National Service friend of mine forced me to do his quiz couple of days ago on"How Well Do You Know Me?" in Facebook.

This quiz is like a personal survey form, making own questions and finalizing own answers. Then, invite others to do the quiz and see how far they score. The highest the score, the better it is because it shows how much the person knows about you.

So, I did Yee Yang's test and ended up creating my own quiz. I thought of making a crazy survey form, trying to trap my friends. However, I didn't. Instead, I make a real, serious quiz in order to understand how far others know about me - The CurryEgg. Yes, real formal quiz. There are 10 questions.

Once the quiz is ready, the journey in discovering 'the secret' begins. In just one day, I received nearly 30 answers. Till now, the number has grown to 40. Oh my. Seriously, I am touched as my friends seemed to care about me. Besides, I can see most of them are trying their luck in scoring my so-called test. Haha..

Real thank you my dear friends... I have fun looking at your 'wrong answer'. Oopss.. Well, it is true because those wrong answers are so cute and funny.. Don't worry. I know you have try your best and most of you still do really well because you know my real name. Haha..

How about you? Have you tried the quiz yet?
If you haven't, do you dare to accept my challenge? Ok. That's sound so serious. Maybe I should say, are you interested in answering my Curryegg's questions?

Proceed here and let's start the "How Far Do You Know Me-Curryegg" quiz.

My quiz in Facebook: HERE

After this quiz, I should consider in making a 'about me' page for my blog. It will help you in knowing this blog owner better.. Then I can get present for my birthday.. Right? Haha..

14 May 2009

The Art Of Living

Just yesterday, my parents and I joined one of the biggest event organized by the Art of Living in Brickfield, Kuala Lumpur to gather all the members in Kuala Lumpur under one roof. Besides, this event was in conjunction with celebrating Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's birthday - the founder of The Art of Living.

There were chanting, satsang, dancing and sketch performances and dinner during in this event.

It has been nearly one year ever since I joined The Art Of Living. This whole story begins from my cousin, who introduced The Art of Living to my family. At first, I thought it was just like any other organization which promotes yoga and meditation to its members. That was what I understood from the phone conversation between my mum and my cousin.

Assuming that I was a lazy egg, not wanting to do any exercise at home (well, I did go for swimming back then), so I took the challenge. Dad and I signed up for a basic course in Jalan Ipoh during my last year semester break.

It was a 3 days course - total hours: 25++
Normal class takes 6 days - total hours: 25++

I was nervous at first because I always had negative thoughts on yoga. People around me kept telling how bad yoga can be. You have to bend 180 degree, twist 360, tie legs and hands together, roll like a snowball and you name them.

Those mentioned activities really frightened me as it reminded me about my late Ballet class. Urrgg... I still remember how my Ballet teacher forced my body to twist like a 360 degree roller coaster. Of course, my 7-year-old muscles and bones couldn't effort those dramatic moves.

Two words: Pain and suffering!!!

Since that 'tragedy' (I call that my tragedy), I stopped and escaped from any Ballet-related-classes. I couldn't effort any further pain in my body. Not anymore..


However, 14 years later, I take the courage and try The Art Of Living basic course because I heard how good it is. Well, it is true. I gain something valuable besides yoga and meditation. I learn new wisdom about life, make new friends, strengthen the bonds between myself with others and ways to keep a healthy and happy lifestyle. It is like connecting the body, mind and soul using this new knowledge.

I realize there are positive changes in me. I become more optimistic, happier, patience, accepting others, respectful, appreciative and loving. Of course, I don't transform immediately after taking this basic course because it takes time and need regular practice.

Frankly, sometimes I can be very impatience and nervous over certain situation. As a result, I am stress. By applying these teaching (yoga and meditation), I become more relax and able to control my emotion. This is helpful as to avoid further conflict with others or hurtful words being split out. That's awful.

While sitting on the seats in the big, air-conditioned hall with my parents beside me, my walks of memory with The Art of Living kept on wandering around my mind. Every images of memory flash-backed like a slide show in my computer - clear, colourful and beautiful. I really love what I am doing right now and I love joining this big family. We come from different background, different races, different religion and different belief. Yet, we can be as close as a family.

None of us have to abandon our own religion nor belief in order to join this group. None. Because this organization has nothing to do with religion. Nothing but simply an organization which teaches the art of living.

Thank you for the teaching and Happy Birthday Guruji.. :)
You have sparked my life and the people around me.

If you are interested to be a join The Art of Living, do visit these websites for further information. There will be 3 days basic course this coming weekend (tomorrow till Sunday) just once a year. Do check it out..


Or if you want the contact number:
012-3177300 (Sri Petaling, KL, Malaysia)

Ja guru dave~