26 December 2009

The December Me

[Note: A real long post – 3 in 1 post. Also, this is a scheduled post, meaning that I blogged this on 23.12.09 and not today]


Before I am going to pack my luggage for the  Christmas trip, I wanna blog as much as I can especially about my overall December activities. Yes! You heard me? Christmas trip!


Whhhoooooooooooo hoooooooooooo!!!!!!!




This time I am going with my family and relatives in quite a big group. Not going to tell you yet about the location. To some of you who have already read my shout out in Twitter & Facebook weeks ago, I am sure you know where I am heading. If not, just catch up with my twitter as I believe I will update it often while during in my trip. YEEEeaaaaaah haaaahhhhhhh!


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Or else, read my checklist and see how far you can do the Sherlock Holmes.




1) Sufficient clothes – I guess I need quite a lot as there will be water activities

2) Sun block – oh dear, I haven’t got any.

3) Lotion/olive oil – definitely.

4) Swimming wear – MUST HAVE!

5) N-eggie – nothing more important than my phone.

6) cash – emmm… not really because I will be sponsored by my parents. lol..

7) pinkeggie – Of course. How can I forget my camera? Silly me

8) Battery chargers – 1 for handphone, 1 for camera. Ok.

9) Facial care – yup.

10) Gosh, what else ya? Oh ya! Boarding pass!




Emm.. Whatever it is, I think I need to double check my list during in the evening before I off to bed. I tend to forget things (especially important ones) and regret desperately once on the plane. For sure, I can’t let this happen again. No… *pray hard*


I am thinking of blogging a few scheduled posts while I am having my holiday in you-soon-will know where but then, I am kinda…. lazy.

#1 Firstly, I am too fascinated by a Hong Kong drama called The Gem Of Life. Yes. I know it is kinda ‘old’ and I am out dated.



Well, I can’t really watch a long series like.. 80 episodes while I am still rushing for assignment, head-spinning for presentations and head-cracking for exam. No. I can’t. I am not good in multi-tasking.


Since I am watching the series now, I hardly concentrate on my inner voice. Thus, can’t really write much about what I want. Lol.. just ignore this.


#2 Secondly, my relatives will come over in another few hours and I have to entertain them since my family and I will be the host of the day. So, it is rude if I’m still facing my lappy and blog all day long, without much caring for them.


So, maybe it is good if I can blog those procrastinate posts which I suppose to blog them. long time ago. Ok lah.. not that long. Maybe 2 weeks? :P




A Monday With Anne


Few weeks ago, I had met Anne, one of the blogger friends who I know for a year. She is a nice friend and we had dated each other out for a lunch and also, an art exhibition at her college. We met at Kinokuniya, a huge bookstore at KLCC before heading to lunch.


And guess what?

We had been to Sakae Sushi Restaurant, which is a new place for me. Well to be honest, Sakae Sushi looks so expensive from the outside, that’s the reason why I had never stepped into this restaurant. Well, I dare not play with my pocket money. Miskin-nya.. T.T


I didn’t tell Anne about my budget because I don’t wanna spoil the mood. Plus, I can’t find any cheaper meal other than eating at the food court. That’s why I agreed to go for Sakae Sushi after putting those considerations.


Lucky enough, it isn’t that expensive. Well, it’s still reasonable for good and fresh sushi like these!








We share the cost and ended up paying around RM31 per person. Well, I still can afford.. :)



Of course, it is a little more expensive if compare to Sushi King, but then, the food here is much better than Sushi King! Way better! Besides, more variety I would say. Talking about Sushi King, I don’t find their food appealing anymore. The quality of the sushi has reduced ever since a year ago. Maybe it is just at Midvalley. I don’t know but I hope they can improve and maintain their food quality.


DSC05518     Anne Marie


Maybe in future, I will visit Sakae Sushi more often especially for Mango Softshell Crab Maki, Salmon Shashimi, Chuka Wakame and Fruitti Maki. Gosh! I am hungry now. Well, who don’t when you keep on viewing their menu? Haha.. You got me. I can’t remember the name of the dishes especially when I am too eager to eat. Luckily that they still provided e-menu. Have a look here! :D


After lunch, Anne Marie walked me back to her college which is in the center of the city. We took like 40 minutes to reach there, just by walking. Seriously, it is tiring. It has been a long time I haven’t done any exercise, not even Yoga. I guess, it is time to get in touch with my… health again.. =_=


One of the main reasons why I am interested to follow her back to her college is mainly because of her masterpieces. There was an art exhibition in her college and Anne has invited me there. It is cool because I feel so alive once I stepped into the college. Everything there is about Art – dance, painting,  photography & etc. Isn’t it cool?


Sometimes I wonder, what will happen if I take Art instead of Counseling? Will I be a weird Artist? Because most of my family members told me, a real artist has this weird characteristics – from the way they speak, think, wear and etc.. Lol.. What do you think? :P


A few cam-whore moments using the large mirror (a fact about me: I love mirror and will always snap myself in front of it)..


Mirror pictures.




Jien Hau’s Birthday @ 4 Happy Seasons



Just a week ago, Jien Hau has invited me to his birthday at 4 Happy Seasons at Wangsa Maju, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. Didn’t have I know that Setapak has changed so much. New shop lots and malls monopolize the area. I just can’t imagine how fast it grows.. o_O




4 Happy Seasons Restaurant’s concept is pretty cool. There are 4 different type designs – spring, summer, autumn and spring. So creative and innovative. I have never come across with any restaurant like this. Good! :)







Pictures from 4happyseasons.com


We were supposed in the Winter room, however it is tooooooooo cold. Extremely cold till I froze like an ice cube. Guess what? I am wearing thin singlet with a vest at that evening… =_=




In the end, they had changed to Spring room which is much better. Or else, I will not be able to eat.


There were about 20 of us occupying almost half of the green-in-colour room. A huge party and I could see Jien Hau was so happy. However, he hardly sit on his seat. Lol.. I hope he really enjoyed the walking and talking from seat to seat.. =P


JH18 Makiyo


Makiyo & Kok Wei


I love the environment plus they provide wi-fi which is quite strong for my N-eggie. Besides, I realized their service is quite good. However, I don’t really enjoy their food. Expensive and not that nice. Maybe I should say, the price doesn’t reflect the quality of the food. I expect something better if I would have to pay RM16++ (including service and tax charge) for a curry rice (forgotten the exact name for the dish) and RM22++ for a Lemon Chicken Spaghetti.


DSC06049 ‘Curry Rice’

Lemon Chicken Spaghetti


Anyway, Lemon Chicken Spaghetti which I ordered is still OK. I like the taste of the chicken.







Well, I heard a few complains (both from my friends, twitter and facebook status reply) and mostly is regarding to the food and drink being served here. I hope the management of this restaurant will take note about this and improve if they really want to bring this business to further extent.


Unique food design:




  Pineapple rice.




Thanks again Jien Hau for inviting and I had a great time there. May you have a great year ahead. Welcome to the world of 22nd.. :P





Merry Christmas everyone.. :D



P/s: If you spotted me twiting about losing in the forest or fall off from canopi walk in my twitter, please do something for me. Call the police or ambulance. Or if you can’t see any twitter update, please call the police too ‘cos it is impossible for me to forget twitting because I have subscribed to Xpax twitter package! 

P/p/s: I can’t reply your tweet (which directed for me) because Xpax doesn’t provide the reply and browsing functions yet. I hope the service will improve.. :)

24 December 2009

The Coincident Cousins

If you haven’t realized anything about me, you might be surprise if I told you I am going off to my Christmas trip, very very soon! Like.. emm.. another few hours?





I just can’t wait for the trip since last night. I believe I am over excited that I woke up early this morning, like 7.30am? I have already packed my stuff and all I have to do now is to settle my thing online, blog a few more sentences and of course, to wish you all a ‘Merry Christmas’!


I can’t believe that I am going off for a Christmas trip, which is a real rare thing for me. The reason is because it cost higher for public holiday as well as school holiday and because of this, my family and I will rarely plan for a trip at this moment, if not going back to my hometown to visit my grandma.


Thus, this is clearly an extra-ordinary trip! Muaahahaha…


I am still thinking whether should I bring my laptop along to…. you-still-dunno-where place as I might be able to access the Internet if my uncle has rented rooms in the hotel with wi-fi services. But at the same time, I don’t want to waste my holiday just by facing in front of the laptop.


I believe I have spent a sufficient amount of time surfing the net. So, these 4 days trip should be use wisely, am I not right?


Plus, I don’t wanna burden myself with much luggage. Except if there is an ‘Ah Mat’ (servant or volunteer) who is willing to bring and take care of my stuff, I would definitely bring the bulky electronic device. Even the whole wardrobe if I want to. Lol.


My cousins, Ary and Alice are already here, staying a night at my house and they are still dreaming in their wonderlands (Alice in the wonderland? cool!).


I thought they are planning to wake up early to dive and swim at the pool, before facing the REAL SEA, wait.. or OCEAN? Whatever.


Sometimes I feel that the 3 of us are sharing some similarity whenever we go out. I remember, the very first time we went out together with Mac and Kevin to Penang Island, the 3 of us were wearing WHITE.




And yesterday (after 3 months from the date of the above picture), I realized we were wearing the same brand t-shirt: FILA. Crazy man! Plus, the 3 of us have changed our hairstyle. Lol… Yes for changes and no for aging k? :P





I have scheduled a post on Christmas, 25th December 2009 at 9am which I have blogged yesterday. I thought of posting it today but since I have an inspiration to blog about this, so it will be better to post it automatically tomorrow. At the same time, I want you to visit my blog during Christmas.. Cheeky me.. haha.. don’t care.. :D


Happy holiday everyone. Merry Christmas and may Santa comes to your house and place your ideal presents.. But first of all, be good first, ok? (hinting at Mac & Kevin who have to stayed home and not joining us….)



23 December 2009

How Can You Forget Me (comic)?

Actually, I should blog about something else but ended up playing with the pictures and design. I just so love the idea, though it is kinda silly. Haha.. Well, this is dedicated to those who understand the jokes and the person, personally. This is what they called, ‘private jokes’?




I don’t know. What I know is, I have spent sometimes editing and making this so-called How-can-you-forget-me story in chronological form using photos and graphic. If you have start smiling, giggling or at least smirking (any facial movement will do)… I would be more than happy to know. Or else, FORCE YOURSELF TO LAUGH… Lol..

So this is it.



During at JH’s Birthday Party….




And the birthday boy who doesn’t invite J (above) looks like this….







Ok lah. I know this isn’t funny. It is a cold joke. Just freeze and do nothing after reading this post. I believe you need this (especially the Asian) since the weather is hot and you definitely need this kind of post to chill you up – It’s December.. remember??? =P


Better off to bed before blogging about non-sense. lol.. nitez.. :)

21 December 2009


You know, I always love Christmas.




Yes, like always and always and always. Well, I remembered I told you before. I love the Christmasy atmosphere. I can hear myself singing and see myself dancing along with Christmas song whenever I step into the shopping mall nowadays.



And same goes to Irene. Ok lar. Maybe she doesn’t sing nor dance. Psst… because she is too shy.. muahaha..


Just the other day, we went out to Midvalley and had dinner together. Well, did you read my previous post, Be Nasty, Like Real Nasty? If you did, you will know some parts of the story during in the meet up (btw, I don’t wanna be nasty because it is so not ME. So, don’t worry k?). 





Midvalley was super-marvelously-crowded that evening when I was there. Big crowds were spotted almost everywhere, especially in the Center Court where huge Christmas trees, castle and floating candles can be found. And guess what, I saw ‘Dumbeldore’!




Just a random question, which photos do you prefer?


Picture A


Picture B



I like the golden colour photos as it give me a very hopeful and warm feeling whereas the cold, blue photos creates a white Christmas and fantasy feeling.. Wow, see. Just change the setting in my camera and I can get 2 different type of feel.. :D





By just a short glance, I can immediately judge that it is based on Harry Potter theme, at the Great Hall, well if you know what I mean. Irene said the same thing too and I am pretty sure that I am right. I should have snapped the ‘Albus Dumbeldore’ when he was having a photo session with anyone on the main stage, with a few lovely fairies. Super chio man!


How I wish I can be in the Great Hall. Lol.. =P

irene4 copy


Harry Potter is my all-time-favorite fantasy story and I just so admire J.K.Rowling for her talent and her determination in writing such a marvelous collection of novels. If only if I can have 20% talent in writing.. ahhwww…. how wonderful. My blog may have higher traffic. Lol..




Anyway, back to my Eggie+Irene-Christmas= Eggiremas post. Irene is a real workaholic (well, maybe not that much recently). It is my pleasure to be able to meet her that day because it was seriously hard for me to meet her. Never had we met for Christmas because back in primary school, December is the time where students is granted with long school holiday. Same thing happened when both of us were in college and university. In fact, I am still in university now. Except Irene is the one who work now.



Love this shoot – especially because of the eye.


So, this our first Christmas date and surprisingly, both of us exchange Christmas gifts without much expectation that each of us will receive one. Whooaa… That is really scary, like.. telepathy. Seriously, does telepathy exist? I mean, does it really happen? Curious.


irene12 copy


By the way, I have got her a black and white flora paper bag with a small note book from Moof. I have always like Moof design as it is elegant and unique. Glad that she like my gift. And guess what, she got me this:




I really appreciate her for coming over and spent some times with me. It is something which I have been waiting for because I realize that it is not easy for both best friends to get in touch, other than phone call, sms and Facebook. I can’t imagine when both of us settle down and have family of our own. That will be even harder to meet up. So, I really appreciate my before-married-life. Lol.. who wouldn’t? =)



Looking forward for next meet up.


Ho Ho Ho…. I can’t wait for Christmas! Guess what, I will celebrate my Christmas at the East… Shhhhhhhhhhhh… Will reveal this soon.. ho ho ho.. :D