28 September 2009

Zanmai & Jason

I just realized that there are a number of Virgo babies who are in my friend list. New friends like Cynthia, Rachel, Kit Yen, Jason, Pei Saan and Zambri were born in the month of late August and September. Look like the Virgo babies are ruling my social contact as they are another long list of old friends who are Virgos too.

Haha.. And guess what, majority of my Virgo friends are female. So… I wonder, will the guys feel slightly uncomfortable when they first learnt that they are categorized as the Virgo babies since the name Virgo is originated from the word virgin or maiden which sounds more like a female?

Emm.. any Virgo guy can answer this?

Anyway, it is just zodiac and it has nothing to do with the name either it is feminine or masculine (like Taurus, Scorpio and etc), right? I used to read horoscope a lot, back in my teenager life as I was amazed with the accuracy in fortune reading. Well, not anymore now when I learnt that future is always in our hands. It depends on how much we have worked in our present moment and how well we have planned for the future.

So, back to our September baby, few weeks ago, I had attended Jason’s birthday party (yang ke-22) in a classy Japanese Restaurant, Sushi Zanmai. Believe it or not, I had been longing to go there, like months because I always receive good comment about the food (which always made me mouth watering. Emmm….). Yet, the attempts to visit this restaurant failed due to certain reasons.

Going to Jason’s Birthday Party at Zanmai is like my dream comes true. I could join Eric’s friends, celebrating Jason birthday for the very first time and to try the food I have been hoping for. Thanks Jason for inviting me. It is really nice of you.


There is one thing I hate to do: Food blogging. I can’t stand myself pausing, adjusting and snapping food especially when they are ready to be served in front of me. None of my brain cells could work properly when the aroma and the presentation of the food tickling my nose and my distracting my eyes. That’s the reason why I could only snap a few and with blurry image. So, forgive me… :)



My love: Sashimi! Emmm.. Salmon.. :D

We had a lot of fun in that three hours when all of us gathered in a right corner room with 2 large tables. The room was filled with jokes and laughters with Japanese song as the background music which shinned the entire room.

Kok Wei & Makiyo

For the very first time, I had cake with chopstick. New thing!

The new photographers: Kenneth & Kok Wei.

(Jealous wei… –_-)

While others were having fun in the room, I managed to record a short video clip in order to remember the big day of Jason. Guess what, I have come up with this video clip, entitled “The Wasabi War”. How I love the title… :D

Thank you Jason for inviting us. It is such an honor to be there. May your wishes come true.. :D

P/s: There should be a few group photos but since Steve has lost them, sob… no more lu~ Gosh… Now I am feeling hungry again. I wonder when can I go Zanmai again… :(

26 September 2009

Tsunami - Haeundae (해운대)

Seriously, I hate disaster movie. Hate it from the bottom of my heart. One of the reasons is because, it always leave me in such a mess condition. A condition where no one can imagine, not even my mum I suppose.

I cried miserably when I watched this movie, Tsunami - Haeundae (해운대) with Eric just awhile ago in a nearby cinema. Tears just couldn't stop streaming down, wetting both my poor soaking cheeks. The climax is really heart-breaking as it doesn't fail to show how people die in such an unpredictable disaster (well, if it is predictable, it wouldn't be a disaster right? puff..).

And what grab my attention the most is how people willingly sacrify their life for their love ones. What a noble action.

Those touching yet saddening scenes keep on flashing in my mind. How a father and a mother against all odds in order to save their only daughter, how a safeguard scarify his life to save another life, how a couple fight death and so on and so forth. You have only 10 minutes to say what you want to say. Gosh... I can feel my tears trying to escape from my eye balls.

Stop it Kelly.
Stop it!

You're going to sleep soon with lullaby, k?

Long story short, this movie has taught me something very important which is to appreciate life, people and our environment. We will never know when is the end of our lives. What we can do is to love who we are, be thankful with what we have, care for those who we love and appreciate every beauty we see. If one day uncle death is knocking our doors, we wouldn't be worried nor anxious because we have already enjoyed a wonderful life and nothing can take this feeling away.

Thank for creating such a wonderful film. It does aware me about life and death. Not to forget the power of God. Now I wonder, how do the 2004 Tsunami survivors live their lives now?

P/s: Not going to watch any disaster movie, not until I am ready. Hmpm...

24 September 2009

My Uncle Reads My Blog

Not long ago, when my Uncle Khoo came back from United States after attending a flying course, he gave me several surprises. One of the surprises is this:

Luggage tag.

This tag is to be placed around your bag or luggage. So, when you’ve lost your bag or luggage (especially in the airport) those who are kind and honest will return your belonging to the service counter or contact you straight away. He did tell me that only pilot like him can order and customize this kind of tag from FlightSafety.

Oh dear.. what a privilege I have. Thanks uncle!


It is so sweet of him for remembering me and bought me something real special, for his children as well as me. He is just like my father and I am really glad he always shower me with his fatherly love ever since I was small.

However, there is one thing I can yet to believe is that….. "HE READ MY BLOG!" (Oopss.. controlling my excitement).

I mean, uncle you read my blog!??


I did ask him how did he find my blog and do you know what he answered? “I just type ‘curryegg’ on the yahoo search engine and your website appear”. Wooooww.. My uncle is a high tech savvy man. I didn’t know this until I receive this tags.

Don’t play play ar…

*Tunning into a calmer tone*

Thanks uncle for this lovely gift. By now onwards, I know you are my loyal reader and thanks for remembering my blog URL. It is so nice of you..


18 September 2009


Finally, I am ready to post up my birthday pictures and a short video clip in reviewing my feelings towards my friends' present. It took me like weeks to come up with something I satisfied the most. What a virgo baby - a perfectionist. Well, not 100% but at least a little..


After days of hard work, they are ready to be shared. Forgive me if I have kept you waiting for so long especially Yin Ying and Irene - like 18 days! Don't angry me k? *hugs*

This post isn't just to recapitulate my 22nd birthday as there are so much feelings I want to pour out in this petite column. So much till I don't know where should I begin.. emm.... confusing uh?

Why not I start with the name, EggieQue? I realized a lot of my friends are curious to know how I found this name. It is simply comes from eggie+barbeque = EggieQue. The idea of organizing a birthday party didn't appear in my mind till the late month of August. If it wasn't Eric's determination to make it happened, I don't think EggieQue could be a success.

*thanks dear for everything*

Organizing an event isn't easy at all if there is no proper plan and helps from others, even a small birthday bash like this. You have to make sure there were enough food, drink, ideal place for the party, the number of guests, cash and etc. Oh ya, there is one more thing. You have to pray hard for good weather in order to organize a bbq party. Thanks God, the sky was clear during my big day. Amitabha...

Chicken Wings from Kok Wei: The best chicken wings chef of the night.
But emm... why one of my ayam tak masak one? >.<

The most unforgettable moment.. <3

The name of 'EggieQue' came out that very morning when I was disturbed by a loud noise when I was still dreaming. I thought it would be fun to have an unique theme and dress code. So, after scrabbling down my overall plan, a number of smses were being sent out. What was the result? Haha... Half of the people wearing yellow or white, except me.

Once I sent out those smses only I relized that I don't have nice yellow or white outfit. The idea of wearing the pink Egypitian print dress was there and I had no choice but to be the unique one. lol.. sorry guys if this disappoint you. Somehow, the host should be something extra-ordinary right? haha.. XD

EggieQue started from 7pm and ended at 12am. It was seriously a fun, touching moment for me as there were lot of surprises from my friends. Tears almost escaped from my eyes when I received so many of my friends' turn up during on that day. I had my 2 best friends, one from primary school and another from secondary school (sad that may couldn't make it) who were willing to spare their times for me. Not to forget my coursemates and new friends from UM and Uniten respectively.

The feeling was like friends from every stage of my life were meeting each other on a table. It started from childhood, teenager and now early adult. The feeling was great because it just reflected the real me - the whole me. I am still the same person no matter where I am and who I know.

  • Primary school: Irene
  • Secondary school: Jane, Yin Ying
  • University: May Teng, Suet Wei, Jimmy, D-shin, Bei Shan, June, Aileen
  • Eric's University friends: Kenneth, Su Ann, Kok Wei, Kiang Wei, Steven, Siang
  • New friends: Nga, Pei Tsan, Edward

Thanks for everything you have done to me my dear friends. Your attendance really melted my heart, not to mention the fun and laughter we had together. At the same time, I would like to thank you for allowing me to be who I am throughout this year - especially Irene. We might apart from each other, but I am still the same person you know for 16 years. Same goes to Jane, May and the rest.

In order to show my gratitude, I have created a video clip, specially dedicated to you. I hope you enjoy the clips (after facing lot of difficulties in uploading it). May our friendships continue and God bless you always, and always..


P/s: Whenever you are free, call me and we go 'yum cha' together.. :)

It Is So Irritating

I had been sitting here for nearly 3 hours, waiting my video clip to be uploaded both in Youtube and Facebook. Well, obviously things don't seem to work well and I fail miserably in these period of time.

I don't think I should waste another hours waiting and hoping it will succeed because there is just 'no way!'. Looks like I should just hit my bed, covered by my warm blanket and snooze till the morning alarm wakes me. Tomorrow will be a long journey as I will be back to my hometown again.

I just can't wait. Miss grandma, cousins and my friends so much. While I am in Penang, I will update myself whenever I can. And please... pray for me that the clips can be uploaded as soon as possible. I have spent good amount of days in recording and editing, sob.. :(

Anyway, I should be a sleeping piglet by now. Selamat Berpuasa dan Selamat bercuti.. :D

Good night.

13 September 2009

The Super Best Gift

Finally I have done a short video clip in reviewing one of my birthday presents which I have received days ago. This is the most special gift I ever received in my life! Yes. I am serious. Watch it if you don't trust me.

P/s: Thanks again Irene. No you, no me.. :)
The whole episode will be out soon. It is specially dedicated to my friends. So, stay tune.

09 September 2009

The 090909 - Marry Me?

Like what I have expected, most people will treat today 9th September 2009 seriously as it is a special date or I called it the easy-to-be-remembered date. The awareness of such sequence had never come into my mind, until few years back, when a few friends of mine sent forwarded sms to me, reminding me that the particular date is worth to be remembered:


and now

Being amazed with such number, I started to take note with such date for the next following years. I believe it will be a once-in-a-life-time experience because once we are in year 2013 and onwards, such sequence will not appear again. Well, it will if we have an extremely long life span in which we can live until the next century: Year 3000. Then, it will start all over again from 01.01.01 till 12.12.12.

Amazing uh?
Or sound stupid?


Anyway, how you perceive the date is depends on how you give meaning to it. If you think such date makes perfect day, then it will be perfect. If you think it is wonderful, it will be wonderful. Of course, if you think the other way round, it will be vice versa. And, if you don't think today has any different compare with the rest of 364 days, then it will be an ordinary day for you. Either one is OK and there is no right or wrong.

How about me?

Me? Well, I feel that today (09.09.09) is just like any other ordinary day of mine, simple and happy. There is nothing extra-ordinary things happened - I guess. I woke up at 6.30am, switched on the radio MyFM and heard there were 200 couples waiting at Tian Hao Gong (A Chinese Temple in Kuala Lumpur) to get married. Whooaa.... Next, attended classes at 8am, reached home at 6pm, watched drama at 8-10.30pm and now sitting in front of my computer, reflecting what I had done today.

Well, well, well... There is one thing which I am proud with myself which is I have been 'hired' as the photographer for Suet Wei's assignment. I searched for the photography spot (uni colour background and good lighting), grabbed models and instructed them to pose a few of seductive pose.


Ok la. I am just pulling your leg. I was just being a helper for my friend, helping her to snap a few portrait photos and not that I instruct people lor... haha.. Anyway, the experience was fun because models, part-time photographer (me) and 'the manager' worked together compassionately in that 15minutes.

In the end, the result was pretty good as I managed to spot a few fabulous photos in my manager's digital camera.. :)

Sorry to say that I can't load any pictures from the photo shooting as it is P&C (I have to ask from my manager. lol..). Anyway, there is a picture which I managed to ask my dear friend, Asha to capture it for me when my coursemates and I were acting crazily around, grabbing and forcing each other to join group photo.

A photo in my class

Photos from Wan Yong. Thanks dear.. :)

The Ammar.

The big family.. :D
But a few people missing.. aikss..

Me and Letchu.. ;)

I believe it is the impact from today's date: 09.09.09.
It seemed like we didn't wanna miss any chance to be together and tried our best to capture the happiest moment we could portray both in reality and in picture.

Friendship Long Long (Forever), k?


Now, back to our 09.09.09 story.
I know, most of the Chinese would love to pick today as a special date for romance as it means forever and unconditional. I wonder, do we have to rely on the date to secure a long-term relationship? Or do we have to choose an easy-to-be-remembered date so that the spouse (especially the male) wouldn't forget the wedding anniversary easily? Or is it picking such date is like following the crowds?

Found this sentimental photo from Edwin Tan's blog which was uploaded today . I would love to share it here. Photo: Link

Well, this is a very subjective question and there is no definite answer. So, voice yourself people. I wish to hear from you. What do you say?

Why do you pick such date to get married?
1) For security
2) Easy to be remembered
3) Following the crowds/trends
4) Other.