30 June 2010

The Buddies Day Ended

From the moment you come across with this post and seeing at this photo, I believe you know who is this lovely lady is because she is no stranger to any of my long time readers.


She is Mamak.




I just came back from hers house not long ago. I have spent my fruitful 3 days and 2 nights trip at hers house. Well, we have this culture that we must visit each others house at least once a year.


I guess, that’s how we strengthen our friendships all this while although we stay far apart. Ok lah, not that far actually. We are still living in KL.


As usual, we have good time, taking photos with each other. Not to forget good time with food and laughter too! lol…


If it is not because I have committed myself with my current part time job, I will stay for another few more days. It is such an enjoyable moment staying with hers family.

Ahhhhhhhhwww… now i miss them.. =(


Well, I can’t blog any further because Japan and Paraguay are kicking for penalty shoot. GOSH! All the best Japan!


See ya.

29 June 2010

Too Obsessed With Leopard

Seriously, I have no idea why I am so obsessed with leopard prints lately.


Whenever I was visiting those mega malls for shopping, window shopping or food, my mind would consistently think of leopard prints top.


I want a leopard prints top. I have this crave. I have this desire. I have this attempt to buy one.


And, so happen that few days ago, I’d spotted a leopard singlet (finally!). My heart was pumping so furiously, showing excitement.


Lol.. sound kinda ‘sampat’ right?


Well, the main point is, I don’t know why I am slowly liking things which is more mature. It doesn’t sound like me.


I guess, I am facing this so- called transitional stage: Between 20’s and 30’s. Even my new hairstyle is showing a higher level of maturity. Nice?


So, this is how I look like in leopard prints + new hairstyle.




By the way, I didn’t buy this one. I take the other one. Meow…

Wait.. how does a leopard sound like?

27 June 2010

1 Goal: Education For All

If you don’t receive any education, you are nobody.


This is the first message that struck my mind while reading ‘Why Join 1Goal’ article at www.join1goal.org.


I never realize that quality education is crucial to an individual’s life. Maybe it is because I have been given without having to fight for one, or maybe it is because I think everyone should get one. So, most of the time, I take education for granted.




Feeling guilty to even admit this, that sometimes, I feel education is a burden for me because throughout my student’s life, it is filled with homework, projects, assignments and tests. I was living in constant stress completing all the given tasks at school and I thought it is a big deal. I complained and cursed a lot, which now I feel so bad and sorry to myself and people who don’t stand a chance to receive education.



My mum is right.

I am living in wealthy and harmonious life which I have yet aware of because most of the time, I am focusing  more on what I don’t have rather than what I already have.



After watching this video clip, I understand why mum always reminds me on how lucky my life is compare to children in Africa.


A Must Watch Clip!

This clip really touched my heart.


And Nelson Mandela is right:

“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”.


Thanks to Youthsays for showing this campaign. Also, thank to all the people who fight so hard in creating the awareness of 1Goal: Education For All campaign as it has reminded me on how lucky I am to be given education since I was 3.


Also, this campaign has inspired me to send this important message to the society (you who are reading this) and leaders of the World (i wonder if they read my blog?) that every children should stand a fair chance in getting quality education. We should focus on this goal and work it together. Just like what Shakira is doing in this clip.



How to participate?


1goal1 This is my yellow card.

We: Register yourself at www.join1Goal.org and send your message in your own ‘Yellow Card’. Invite your friends too. We are targeting 10 million messages from us.

The world leaders: Working  on the 2015 promises.




If reading all this makes you tired, then just head on to this video clip which explain the objective of this post.




I have done my part, how about you?




By the way, I am starting to appreciate, treasure and thankful with my student life right now. No more complain. In fact, I want to contribute to the world using whatever I have learned from schools in order to benefit the society.


I am thinking….. emmm… how about being a volunteer as a teacher or counseling for a short period of time in Africa?

19 June 2010

A Break For Eggie

Unexpectedly, there are only 3 weeks left for my semester break. Gosh! I haven’t filled much of my holiday with the ‘FUN’ element. I want and need a break to chill out my body and mind before preparing for the new, busy semester.


So, I have decided to join my family for a small trip – in another half and hour. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!


Isn’t it fun? I mean, for myself.




Well, better save some times to doll myself than hanging around in the blogosphere. It has been a while since the last time I used eyeliner, mascara, eyes shadow and lip gloss. Also, time is very valuable especially when you spend it with your love ones.


Oh ya. Remember that tomorrow is Father’s Day! Tell me what is your plan and how will you celebrate it. As for me, I am celebrating it later. Hehe…


Happy holiday everyone =D

14 June 2010

The First Few Days Of WorldCup

Like I have expected, WorldCup affects my life.


Well, in a good way.


Although I don’t own the main priority to watch the TV for this entire month, I still manage to see the good sides of this 4-years-once phenomenal.



You might be curious, what are the good sides that curryegg managed to see because she seemed to be debated so badly in her previous post, “How To Distract Your Boyfriend From WorldCup”.



1) Better relationship with the father.

I accompanied my dad to the nearest mamak stall that provides big screens and good speakers for football matches. Although my main objectives is because of the food (nasi lemak!) dad feels happy that her daughter is showing commitments for the father’s hobby. He didn’t say bout this but I can read his mind!



2) Less traffic during evening.

Happy to find out that the traffic is clear by the time I am driving back home after work. I believe most people are rushing back homes or nearest mamak stalls to catch those important matches. Traffic free! (at certain hour)


3) Hot guys photos.

Needless to say, newspapers, magazines, ads, posters, prepaid cards, tv news and internet news are all flooded with those football celebrities photos, like every day. Normally, these media will be filled with hot women photos, but this time.. the opposite. Isn’t that cool ladies? Grab those posters now while stock last! lol..

Cristiano-Ronaldo_0 Waiting Portugal to play.


4) WorldCup Discount.

Seriously, I didn’t know that there are so many restaurants offering discount for their special WorldCup menu. The other day, I was in Secret Recipe in which they offer RM15 with drink for Fish and Chips. 


The next day, when I was in O-town White Coffee, a staff gave me this and said:


“Hi. This is a special gift from us. Please come again”.


So I got this coupons.

Wow… Now, which restaurants and shops are doing this WorldCup offer too? Let me know, pls?


Oh ya. This is how I look like during in the first day of WorldCup. Random.


The good thing about working at my place now is, I don’t need to make up. So, being a little pale is ok as long as I don’t scare of the children and parents. lol..



These are so far what I have discovered during in these first few days of WorldCup fever. How about you? What have you found out? Care to share them here?

Why I Love ItalkWhoa

If you found a magic lamp in the middle of the desert just like Alladin, what will you ask for?


Well, if I found this magical genie who can grant my 3 wishes, I will first ask for cheap call rate (free lagi best. lol). Being a student myself with low or almost zero income, I have to manage my financial use wisely. Every cent means so much to me. Maklumlah, sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit (a little saving a day leads to a big saving).




But, why call rate you might ask?


I realize that I spend most of my money on the phone. No matter how creative I am finding different alternatives to save up my phone credit, still it makes a big hole in my wallet. I need to contact my family, boyfriend, besties, coursemates and clients (for counseling) most of the time and one of the ways I use is to send sms to them.


Well, sometimes you just need to call to get instant respond rather than waiting them to reply your sms which can take ages. However, most of them are using different operator and the rate is much higher. Sigh…


Once italkwhoa is being introduced, I use their idd call service. Seriously! This is much better compare to my other experiences with Maxis and Digi. I can call from my computer to any phone whether it is fix line or mobile line. It causes 0.10sen to fix line and 0.15sen to mobile at local rate.



What you can do is sign up for italkwhoa, go into your account and find the call button on the toolbar at your right hand side.





Then a phone dialer window will show out. Next, type the number that you want and click the dial button. Then, talk you’re your credit run out. Lol..




If you are running out of credit, no fear. You can get your italk credit at any 7 eleven, petro station or any selected store. Or, you can get it via online payment. Easy pesy.



Oh ya. If you want to make prank call, this is a good choice. Lol. Don’t say you hear this from me.. =P

And, you can call the world too. There is a list of international rates which you can find from italkwhao. I should try this one day to call my cousin at US. Not till I get their phone number.



I do admit that I am a stingy person. Seriously, when you are growing up and reaching the age of 20+, the alarm bell starts to ring. The urge of being independent in almost every area of your life triggers your adrenaline glands. It creates anxiety and worried in you because you realize that you should no longer depend on your parents.


So, money is a very important element to keep me survives.



Thus, I need a good saving plan for my communication use, like this.


12 June 2010

Abalone From HK!!

We received souvenirs from Hong Kong and this box caught most of my family’s attention. Like what you’ve read in this blog title, it is ABALONE!!!




Well, that’s what we thought at the very first glance. It’s funny that how dad, mum and I were wrong reading the words on the box.


It is actually.. em…. a box of...


















Abalone Noodles.





Frankly, it makes sense because it is impossible for a young student to buy something luxurious (although I want abalone so much).




Anyway, dad has taken out all the abalone noodle, leaving this empty box for me. I am going to keep this, hoping that one day, I can buy a real one. lol..

Moral of the value: There are big differences between a ‘100’ and ‘1000’ despite of the number of zeros. Just like abalone and abalone noodle.

10 June 2010

Ma Lucky Day

I feel absolutely lucky today.


All the traffic lights that I came across with turned into greens.

I got a frontline parking although I was late (and it only left 1 lot).

The rain stopped before I got out from my car.

Children are being good and obedient to my instruction.

Received helps from my seniors.

Hit the daily sales target.

Get first free dinner from the boss.

Back home earlier!!




Have you ever feel lucky before? Is it something like this?


Well, never had I feel any happier than today. Maybe I’m getting used with my work, or maybe I am just lucky today.


Whatever it is, I am happy to have this experience. The feeling of joy, fun and happy =)


I managed to snap a few pictures before we had our free dinner. not a good photos because my hands were actually dirty (even now too). They are covered with oil and paints. So… well…







They are my collegues. They are really helpful and lovely people. Glad to be able to know and work with them. Hope that we will be a good team once I have mastered the skills of teaching.


By the way, this crackers really taste nice with those special sauces. Emmmmm.. nom nom..



It is good to feel lucky once in a while! Don’t you think so? Wait.. or maybe everyday?




I might not be able to blog as often as before because my schedule is so packed. It is because of the 2 weeks of school holiday. So, most of my free time will be filled with sleeps, sleeps, and sleeps.


Now I have realized one important fact when you get into the working life, you will love the word ‘sleep’ and ‘rest’ so damn much!

08 June 2010

Fun But Tired

I had always want my semester break to be fun, exciting and fulfilling. Well, I did it. I am having one right now.


I am doing something which is new, different, adventurous, skillfulness and meaningful. If you still remember, I am currently working as a teacher at a craft centre for children.


As much as I love the job, I can’t deny that I am living in exhaustion especially in these few days because school holiday has just started. Thus, the number of visitors has increased.


Seriously, it is a good thing because I can learn more in handling various situations. However, it seemed like my body and mind can’t work for long hours when with little rest. I work for about 10 hours a day with averagely 20 minutes break. For your info, my work requires lot of standing, walking, hand moving and communicating. So, it is normal when I get hungry and sleepy easily.


By right, I should sleep by now (or earlier). I guess, my procrastination in sleeping is because of the dissatisfaction of not being able to spend quality time with myself. I have been following instructions more than I listen to my inner talk lately. Thus, not having much chances in expressing my inner talk.


Thus, I am trying to find the satisfaction thru blogging now since the parents sleep as soon as I reached home from work and the bf slept before I called. Also, the girlfriends are busy with their exam, holiday or work. So, no one to talk to.. Sighhhhhh…. 


This is the downside of being an ENFP.


 doggyme A random photo which was taken about 4 months ago.




The bad thing of studying counseling & psychology is, you will get too caught up in using those terms like ENFP (myer briggs typology), inner talk, therapeutic and expressiveness.


Well, well, well.. this is just a personal rumbling of mine. Post with no proper structure. Who cares?


I think I can sleep better now after bursting out my exhaustion into words. Better day tomorrow… *fingers crossed*


Comment off.

06 June 2010

How To Distract Your Boyfriend From World Cup.

Of late, I’ve come up with a crazy idea, again.


Guess what? I’ve invited Kenwooi, one of the very passionate blogger on Earth to blog a topic together.  Emm… maybe he wouldn’t like the phrase ‘on Earth’. How about in Malaysia instead? =)


This idea is new and first time ever happen in Curryegg’s Spicy Lounge *egg-tremely excited*


So, what you can do now is to click and load Kenwooi’s post while spending a quality time reading mine. He has blogged about: How To Avoid Your Girlfriend From Distracting You From WorldCup.


And me…


How To Distract Your Boyfriend From WorldCup.




Well, yes. This idea is totally contracting to each other. This is the fun right?


As we know, WorldCup phenomena is hitting us again. No matter where the WorldCup will be organized, a big number of girlfriends (or wives) all over the world have to face the so-called challenges all over again.



You might ask, what is the big fuss about girlfriends and WorldCup?


I tell you, IT IS A BIGGGGGGGG ISSUE. Your relationship might be at risk!!!



Dear girlfriends (and wives), imagine you have  to live in 24/7/30 (24 hours, 7 days, 1 month) with less or no sms, calls, dates and sex from your partner for 1 MONTH. Even if you manage to get his body, you hardly get into his mind.


Talking in the phone is like speaking to a mindless robot; walking at the mall is like going out with a dog (he will either obey all your instructions or bark aggressively about everything till he get back to his TV); sleeping with him is like sleeping with a 90’s old man who is always restless, inactive and no interest. Or maybe even worse, he wouldn’t be in bed with you as he spends most of  his nights at the couch.



I am sharing all these examples from my personal experiences by observing my Dad and  retrieving stories from my girl friends. Lucky to know that my boyfriend isn’t a big fans of football nor WorldCup. So, I am excluded being the Worldcup victim.


Also, I don’t have to worry whether I would offend my boyfriend nor dad because one doesn’t favour worldcup while another one doesn’t read my blog. Lol. Thus, I am safe to come up with these few ideas on how to distract your men from Worldcup!



7 Ways On How To Distract Your Boyfriend.



1. Cut the electricity during weekend.

I understand that it is hard for partners to meet up especially to those who study or work on the weekday. So, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you plan ahead to automatically cut off the electricity. If you guys are not staying together, invite his family members to join the plan so he can go watch movie or dine with you. Cons: You might offend his dad or brother.


2. Seduce him.

I have come across with an article on how to distract your man when he is too indulge in his work. I guess, this is applicable for this World Cup thingy?


They suggested to seduce him by wearing something sexy. Maybe lingerie? Bunny? or nurse custom.



Cons: If you fail, you might get extremely hurt and low self-esteem.



3. Burn the house.

If he spend more time with his footie mates more than you and you get so offended, final revenge: burn the house. Well, maybe not really burn the house. How about trying to make bbq party infront of his house to send some smokes in? Cons: He might get offended. Or the house might really get burnt and you will be jailed! Oopss!


4. Watch with him (and with his friends).

Maybe the above 3 points are bad ideas as the relationship might be ruined. I don’t wanna spoil your happily-ever-after relationship. Of course not. So, I have come up with this idea, watch with him.


Take the commitment to understand about football by now and learn to watch together with him. He might be happy and appreciate your commitment. WARNING: Make sure you really understand what a yellow and red cards mean or you might be in his blacklist.


More love <3


Oh.. by the way, ladies, you have good excuses to watch your favorite handsome, breath-taking male players like Kaka? Lol… =P


Or Ronaldo?

He’s hawt! Gosh. I think my dad is going to smack me.


5. Buy him surprises.

Get him tickets and fly with him to the WorldCup match in Africa. He will become so deeply in love with you if you really do that. While spending time with his hobby in real scene, you guys can have honeymoon too. Cons: You will be broke and it is hard to get tickets now.

6. Lah… just go have fun.

If nothing can really distract him, just go and have fun with your girlfriends. After all, this is your 1 month off day. So, you should really appreciate this moment to spend a good quality time with your girlfriends and families. While he is having his time, why not you too? Pros: He will be surprise and get out from the football fever faster than you ever imagine.




7. Break up [last weapon]

If you can’t distract him and can’t even find fun for yourself, well last suggest: Call for a break up. End of story.



Well, these are the ideas which I can think of at the moment. If I have offended you, the football fans, I am really sorry. I am just trying to be helpful to prevent you from being a victim like this:


Lol.. men, you just got to watch this.

Oohh… Good luck worldcup’s victims!


P/s: Remember to check kenwooi’s post (link).


05 June 2010

My Masterpieces

Hi folks.

How are you today?



Seriously, I had another fun time at work with the colleagues, bosses and children. Although my fingers were accidently burnt by hot glue gun, again, still it’s a good experiences. It teaches me to be extra careful in next attempt and handle things more wisely.


My work needs consistency in playing with different kinds of art stuff. One of the good knowledge I have learned is, everything that is non-harmful can be a helpful art stuff. It can turn anything simple into a beautiful piece of artwork.

 masterpiece2 I know it’s not that impressive. Well, first time doing ‘boy’ thing mah. So, give face & say very good.


This is what I always believe in, creativity is the magic wand. It can turn ordinary into extra-ordinary masterpieces.


So, this is where I am now. I am learning to play with my brain in each teaching, whether it is dealing with the crafts, children’s behaviors,  parents’ pressure, workplace operation system OR my hunger. Lol.. Frankly, working at my current workplace consumes lot of energy – for the brain and body.



I wear this every time I work. Now, call me teacher.



I am not sure how much I can blog about my workplace, because I remember there is something related to the law and ethics which I should take notice. Anyway, it is not wrong to show my apron and my first artwork right? Aware me of this issue if you are a lawyer or a law student. Thank =)

Alright. Interesting post tomorrow. Promise.


Ole ole ole~~~

From A Broke Student’s Story

I can sense that I am very concern with my financial needs lately. Ever since I have stepped into my early 20’s, I become very self conscious in this area.


I don’t have income, as I am a part-time student. So, all my expenses I have to depend on my parents. I don’t come from a wealthy family. Well, I am happy with whatever I have and grateful with all the things my mum and dad have contributed into this warm family. They have scarified a lot for me, ever since they decided to bring me into this world.


Now,  they are getting older and my alarm bell is ringing loudly in my mind, alerting me that I have to take the role as the breadwinner any time soon.  Since I am the only child in the family, my roles and responsibilities are higher than those who have a few siblings who can share the parts.


I want to have strong financial support to start taking care of this family. I want to achieve my dreams, opening a Counseling firm, having my own family in a comfortable house (average size is alright) and freedom. I want to contribute to the communities by doing social work.


It is obvious that all the dreams above need high, stable income to support those desires. It means that, I need to work harder and smarter. I am not sure whether being a counselor in future can support my life? Not to mention my goals.. =_=


Well, I guess it is good that I am living in the reality, being aware of what I should do for now and future. That’s why, I am blogging frequently, hoping that my readership can boost up, more ads coming in and gain some pocket money.


At the same time, I’m doing my part time job at a children craft centre to increase my skills and experience with the population I want to work with in future. Also, I am learning ways to build my Amway business with my sponsor.


Some of you might not be happy with the idea that I am partly blogging for $$$ as you believe that blogging should be purely for interest. When you are a full-time student who can only work  for a low income part-time job during semester break in the age of 23, you will look for any method that can support your financial need.


So, I don’t care how you perceive me when I am clear with what I want in life.


I have dreams. I have responsibilities. I have future. Clearly that I need to work hard from now onwards, rather than being a parasite in the family. Don’t you agree?


I believe some of you can connect with me very well in this case, right? Tell me more about you. How do you/would you face them?


Alright. Enough mumbling. I need to sleep right now as I have to work tomorrow.





By the way, if you are interested and kind enough to help me in achieving my dreams, there are 3 things you can do to contribute and support me:



1) Visit this blog often.

2) Read my ads and click them if they attract your attention.

3) Share me any idea, information and opportunity that I can help me achieving my dreams.



I would really much appreciate your help. Thank you =)





Have a nice weekend my dear readers!

My busy days will start from today onwards till the next 2 weeks because it is school holiday. It means, more children coming to the craft centre. God bless me.

03 June 2010

About Me

I have always wanted to write this ‘About Me’ session since 3 years ago. Well, I don’t know what stopped me from writing this. Thank to my high level of passion which I’ve just recharged, increase my determination to do this TODAY.


Yes. No more procrastination. Say yes to efficiency.


If you are a new readers of Curryegg – Not Just An Ordinary blog, you are lucky because I am going to make your life easy with this brief information 100% about me so you can feel like ‘home’ immediately.




About Curryegg


Hi there. How are you? (gosh, why I sounded so formal? I must have been very nervous. This is like a CNN interview. lol…)

Short Bio

My real name is Kelly Tan and I’m obviously a female (a lot of people thought that I’m a male with the name of curryegg. Does it sound like one to you? Hmpm!). I am a 23 years-old Malaysian Chinese, currently persuading the degree of Counseling in University of Malaya. I know Counseling and I understand Psychology. So, don’t mess with me. Lol.. =P





I love blogging, photography, listening to music, reading, traveling and creating artwork. Besides, I enjoy playing volleyball, swimming, yoga and jogging especially when I have company(ies).  Doing sport without at least a friend is boring. That’s why I don’t do much of sport lately because there is no sport subject at the campus – means no friends.. =(




I play musical instruments too such as Piano, Recorder and Guitar (not that good with strings). Maybe it’s not my destiny to follow Beethoven or Mozart’s foot steps because I quit the childhood dream of becoming a piano teacher. Well, that’s my mum’s plan actually, not mine. Anyway, I have one weird hobby – that’s singing like a STAR, while showering. Eureka! Haha.. XD


Oh ya. I love eating. Well, read my name again?





If you know Myer Briggs Typology (one of the common personality theory), I am a natural ENFP queen. Ok lah, I am not a queen yet. How about a princess? Don’t freak if you don’t understand Myer Briggs. Good website can always clear the mist. So, visit here to understand my personality (which I think is 70-80% true about me). You can discover your personality too by doing this test.


Sum: I am and like to be creative, spontaneous, empathy, sociable, out-going, expressive, adventurous,  friendly and passionate in whatever I love. The bad news is, I can be a real procrastinator. 



Why CurryEgg?

I believe, the next following point which you are so eager to know is, Why Curryegg? Don’t be surprise if I tell you that almost.. in fact, EVERYONE who first heard about the name CURRYEGG asked the same question. “Why CurryEgg?”. I asked myself the same question too back in the 20’s.



This is the survey which I’d conducted in FB about me – link1

This is the responses I received about the name curryegg – link2



Long story short, it is my nickname back in my highschool. There is one fella, named STC created this nick and spread Curryegg’s disease to almost the whole school.  I hated the calling because I felt like I’m being teased as my name Kelly Tan has been modified. For your info, Kelly Tan sounds like Curry Egg in Chinese.


Lol.. I am so nerdy.. XD


I remembered how I chased that particular gang of guys from class to class, running along the corridor and even till school field! I was the class monitor by the way. How embarrass.


Ironically, this nick becomes my 2nd choice when I was picking URL for this blog because kellytan has been picked by others. You see, as much as you hate something, it turns out to be opposite in the end. So, don’t hate if you really don’t want something to happen. lol again.


For longer story about this, proceed here.




Like you, I have dreams in my life – big or small.




1) I want to be a professional counselor especially for children, couples and family after my graduation. I know, to be in this profession in Malaysia, it is challenging because it is still new. In fact, I shall use the word ‘rare’.

Anyway, I believe that, in the end of my life, this service will grow and the society can benefit from it – because I am going to work it out together with those who have passion in this.


2) Get a PhD

3) Publish my own collection of books (or maybe journal)

4) Success in Amway business

5) Get mum a diamond ring; bring dad to watch next World Cup.

6) Get 1000 number of loyal readers who share goals & dreams (possible?)

and etc…


Hey, why not I make another post on this list? This can be very looooooooong..





By now onwards, I believe you have a better picture about me? Anyway, do keep in mind that human grows which mean we will change physically, mentally, spirituality and emotionally. So, information provided here will be kept up to date because I will definitely change.


This is the best part of being an ENFP. We love changes!

Best if you read my blog everyday to see the changes.




Now, can someone please tell me, when is my date of birthday?