08 June 2010

Fun But Tired

I had always want my semester break to be fun, exciting and fulfilling. Well, I did it. I am having one right now.


I am doing something which is new, different, adventurous, skillfulness and meaningful. If you still remember, I am currently working as a teacher at a craft centre for children.


As much as I love the job, I can’t deny that I am living in exhaustion especially in these few days because school holiday has just started. Thus, the number of visitors has increased.


Seriously, it is a good thing because I can learn more in handling various situations. However, it seemed like my body and mind can’t work for long hours when with little rest. I work for about 10 hours a day with averagely 20 minutes break. For your info, my work requires lot of standing, walking, hand moving and communicating. So, it is normal when I get hungry and sleepy easily.


By right, I should sleep by now (or earlier). I guess, my procrastination in sleeping is because of the dissatisfaction of not being able to spend quality time with myself. I have been following instructions more than I listen to my inner talk lately. Thus, not having much chances in expressing my inner talk.


Thus, I am trying to find the satisfaction thru blogging now since the parents sleep as soon as I reached home from work and the bf slept before I called. Also, the girlfriends are busy with their exam, holiday or work. So, no one to talk to.. Sighhhhhh…. 


This is the downside of being an ENFP.


 doggyme A random photo which was taken about 4 months ago.




The bad thing of studying counseling & psychology is, you will get too caught up in using those terms like ENFP (myer briggs typology), inner talk, therapeutic and expressiveness.


Well, well, well.. this is just a personal rumbling of mine. Post with no proper structure. Who cares?


I think I can sleep better now after bursting out my exhaustion into words. Better day tomorrow… *fingers crossed*


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